Daily Moments

Every day there are little moments that make my life so wonderful. There are of course the big things that happen every now and then that make me go “wow life is good”, like the day my husband had flowers delivered to the door when I was at home with our new baby. That was wonderful. But really what makes up a great day, month, year, and life are the little things. Here are my top ten favourite daily moments. I hope it encourages you to take a second and thank the Lord for the beautiful things He’s placed in your life.

10. Morning coffee – starting the day from a place of relaxation first, and work second.

9. Fresh Baking – whether it is a healthy attempt at muffins, or brownies that are way too full of sugar, the smell of baking filling the house brings lots of excitement.

8. Listening to Focus on the Family – Everyday I get great wisdom from people who are passionate about raising kids and keeping marriages strong. These are the little “time outs” that I get during the day.

7. Nap times, those few times a day when the house is peaceful and quiet and I can get done what I need to.

6. Caleb’s beautiful smiles each time he wakes up that just say “I’m so happy to see you Mama!” and the cuddles and playtime to follow.

5. Andrew’s faithful goodbye kiss every morning before he leaves, he never lets me forget that he loves me before he heads out the door, even if he’s running late.

4. Andrew coming home at the end of each day and that moment when he looks at Caleb and says “you’ve grown again today!”

3. Evening walks with my family. Caleb looking up at us in the stroller while Andrew listens to me talk about the little things Caleb accomplished that day or I hear about what happened at work.

2. Evening tea with Andrew while we do our devotions after Caleb goes to bed. I always can count on that time where we’ll seek God together, receive get guidance and direction, and connect together.

1. The Lord’s presence filling our house. When I come in from getting groceries, a walk, or doing errands, I always feel peace and safety in my house. I pray daily that others will feel peaceful and “at home” when they are over, and that my children will always feel that this is a safe and calm environment for them.

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