A Lesson From The Persistant Baby

Caleb reached forward, trying so hard to grab the intriguing tower. It was like there was nothing else in this world. Just those cups all stacked up to make a lighthouse looking object. The focus in his eyes was incredible. He had just discovered his new ability to maneuver around the room. There was nothing to stop him from getting his slobbery little hands on this toy.

He took a moment and looked at me for encouragement. I knew he was asking, “Mama, do you really think I can do this? I only just started moving around, is it too far out of reach?”

“You can do it, honey.” I answered, “Just inch forward a little more.”

He tried different angles and various approaches. It was still out of reach. Eventually he inched himself close enough to touch it.

And then…

It all fell over and scattered! Some pieces rolled way farther than he was physically capable of moving to. Frustration passed over his face. All his hard work moving towards his toy had not paid off. His lower lip trembled for a moment, but then his eyes zeroed in on one specific piece. He inched towards that one again.

He snatched it up. Finally he had one of the pieces he had wanted to play with so bad, right in his hand. Instead of chewing on it though, he put it beside him and zoned in on another piece.

I know what you’re thinking. This is all babies, Caleb’s no super human. He’s just a curious kid who will stop at nothing to get something in his mouth. Although I like to believe he’s pretty incredible, it’s true. Each of us were born with a very curious nature. Each of us as babies would have laid on the floor reaching and reaching for something far out of our grasp because it was fascinating.

So why do we not always work relentlessly to attain something anymore? Why do we give up so easily? Throughout our lives we lose faith in ourselves and in God. Our heart gets broken and our dreams become shattered. We have tasted defeat more than triumph. Why reach for something unattainable? We’ll only be disappointed.

The truth is if God is on our side all things are possible. Sometimes that dream or “tower” in our life is finally within our reach, and then it all falls apart. We can choose to become fed up and abandon our destiny or we can zero in on the little pieces that are scattered around. We can focus on a little piece at a time. Perhaps we weren’t ready to see the big picture. Maybe that promotion or position would have led us into pride, but God wanted to teach us humility by taking us down the longer road.

Whatever it is, giving up is not the answer. Galatians 6:9 says;

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. 

I had no idea such a little guy could inspire such big things. But the lesson here is clear. Keep reaching for what God has placed on your heart. Do not give up even if your dreams seems to have broken apart. Keep focused on the little things that you can continue to do to get you back on the road towards the big picture and your ultimate destiny.

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