A Poem To My Baby

Has it really been six months? Wow, the time has flown.
Weren’t you just born yesterday? Oh how we could not have known
Just how quickly time would disappear the moment you were finally here.

Weren’t we just setting up the crib and decorating your room
While you were still sittin’ cozy, all wrapped up in my womb?

Really, it was was mostly daddy, since all I could do was sit.
I was still trying to believe that all the sickness would be worth it.

Then I held you in my arms, and felt your mountain of dark brown hair.
Right away I deeply knew
My heart would not be anywhere
But all wrapped up in daddy and you.

Has it only been six months? Wow, you’ve changed our lives so fast.
I feel like I’m starting to lose my precious baby to the past.
Lack of sleep, sore feet and many tears aside
Do you know my son for you I’d gladly give my life and die?

So even though you’re not yet one, today your life we celebrate.
How can we with hold a party for someone to us so great?
You’ve accomplished so much
in your six short months.
You laugh, play, babble, and scoot.
And although we’d love to promise it, this life won’t be a hoot.
But my dear little guy, look into my eyes, this I can tell you true.
No other person can ever love our Caleb, as much as we love you.

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