Choosing The Perfect Gift

This year my husband and I have been trying really hard to think creatively and, especially, make some homemade gifts. I’d LOVE to give away what some of them are, but since probably some of the recipients may be reading this, I will restrain myself. After Christmas I’m going to post some of the things that worked well for us.

Are you familiar with the Five Love Languages? If you are not, this page will give you a quick definition of all them if you scroll down past the description of the book. A basic understanding of the love languages is must to get the most out of my thoughts on creating or choosing a perfectly satisfactory gift to anyone you are buying for (this will apply for any gifts, any time of the year).

Recognize the love language of the person you are giving the gift to. Once you know what love language they have, then you can think of the type of gift, or how the gift should be delivered, that they are more likely to enjoy receiving. Some of the love languages are more easy to think ideas to go with than others, but we’ll try to be creative here.

Remember…most people have a secondary love language, which can make it easier to mix and match up ideas for gifts. Our nature is to show love in the way we like to be shown love, but my hope is that this will encourage you to be objective and analyze that unique persons true desires.

1. Words of Affirmation – A card is really important to this person, and you should take the time to write a truly encouraging note. Don’t flatter them, but write something from the heart. The card may be even more important than your gift. When putting together their gift, try to incorporate different items that speak to who they are, things you appreciate about them and that offer encouragement. Some examples of this are:

  • Sentimental Gifts  – Willow Tree Angels or another item that represents something
  • A Devotion Book or encouraging daily calendar
  • Inspiring Painting or Plaque
  • *Never forget a card with someone who is a words of affirmation person! 

2. Quality Time – Giving this person the gift of time will be incredibly meaningful to them. Any gift that you give that show you either spent time and energy making it, or that involve you and that person spending quality time together after, will be a big hit. Here are some examples:

Time Together Ideas:

  • Tickets to an event where you have time to connect, maybe a sporting event, bridal show, etc. 
  • A promise of a meal, coffee or other food date (high tea is a fun one too)
  • *for kids* an assemble together gift, or something that you need to build or create together. 
  • A board game or other group activity 

Time Spent Ideas:

  • Homemade gifts that show you are aware of their likes and interests. If they love fancy coffees make them a homemade Vanilla, Raspberry , Coconut or Caramel Syrup and take time to decorate a jar. You can find so many ideas online if you just think of what the person enjoys. 

3. Receiving Gifts – Since gifts are such a big thing for this person, a lot of thought needs to be put into it. In my opinion, always go over the top with this person. I’m not meaning put yourself in a hole financially – but pay attention to what they are asking for, what they are interested in, and then take time to add a personal touch.

  • The person mentions to you they would really enjoy the new movie “Courageous”. You would take that one item, and build around it. Turn it into a “movie night” basket with popcorn, hot chocolate, and homemade decorated popcorn bowls. 
  • You know your friend is stressed out and really needs to relax – find a homemade bubble bath recipe, decorate a jar, and make a “relaxation basket” with tea, bath time items, new loofah, nail polish, etc. 
  • These people are also wonderful to go in on big gifts with friends because they love the excitement of receiving a gift so much! 

4. Acts of Service – Anything that would improve this persons life and help them out would be much appreciated!

  • Homemade meals – can some of your homemade soup! Bake fresh bread, etc.
  • Make “free babysitting” cards or offer some other needed task for free
  • If you must buy a gift card, this would be someone who would really appreciate something practical – like a car wash card or oil change.
  • If you know of a project that they’ve been needing or wanting to get done, go ahead and do it! It could be as simple as getting their favourite picture matted and framed. 

5. Physical Touch – This one I think comes down mostly to execution of the gift. Thankfully most people have a secondary love language, so you can try to figure out what that is for the main portion of the gift and then make sure that when you give the gift they get a hug from you and really sense that you love them!

Okay, I’m ready to hear some of your suggestions! Feel free to comment below and share with others some practical ideas for giving meaningful gifts that will bring joy to every love language, and show the deep appreciation you really have for your loved ones!

Happy dreaming, creating and giving! You may just have more fun thinking of what to give people, than you do actually receiving a gift yourself!

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