The Twelve Days of Purpose: Day Two “Gift Bag”

Today’s project unfortunately got a little rushed. There are so many variations on this though, I hope you won’t let my quick version ruin it for you. I’ll give a bullet point list at the end of some variation ideas on giving a shopping bag greater purpose.


I started out by taking a David’s Tea bag I got at the mall. There are many stores in malls that give you nicer bags like these. This is the season where you’ll be receiving lots of them, and you’ll be needing gift bags too!

Using my decorative scissors, I cut out some scrap-book paper to cover the words of David’s Tea and glued it on.

I wanted to use these cool letters I had since they had a blue tinge that went with the blue of the bag. Unfortunately I didn’t have many letters left, so I spelt “live”. This is where the variations and ideas become endless on personalizing these bags.

My scrap-book paper was patterned with tiny versions of those paper flower punch outs, so I accented the bag with the paper punch outs. In my picture the glue is still drying so you can see a glare. My glue dried clear.

I’m not thrilled with the end result, just because I ran out time during my son’s nap and I had to get ready for the Christmas party at our house. I threw some tissue paper in to see what it would look like. I think it’s cute simple, or as dressed up as you want it to be. You also could turn a large bag (say from American Eagle) into a personalized reusable shopping bag for your mall excursions!

Here is my list of variations:

  • Incorporate a photo into the design
  • Personalize the words depending on the occasion (birthday, anniversary, Christmas)
  • Write a fun message or a Bible verse right on the bag to the person receiving it
  • Hole punch the top near the handles and add ribbon to curl or a bow to tie
  • Use stickers, letters, patterns, paper cut outs and punches to make this your very own!


So on this day two of purpose I’ve been thinking about outward appearances. We can be so quick to judge someone or disregard the potential in them. I might cast them off as something that has already served it’s purpose (like a shopping bag), but all they need is love, encouragement and someone to believe they are worth more.

1 Samuel 16:7b says

“The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

God isn’t finished with anyone. Until we die, we are still a body holding an immeasurable amount of purpose and potential that the Lord is just begging us to allow Him to unleash. If we’ll be a willing vessel, the Lord will not hesitate to use us!


What is your purpose? If you know, comment below and encourage others. If you don’t, why don’t you take this twelve day journey with me to ask the Lord what His purposes for your life are? Your life is worth far more than anything else. If we can take random objects, clean them up and use them for more “noble” purposes that what they were intended, imagine how much more God can do that with you!

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