High Five For Friday – Birthday Edition!

I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. Come join in and post your weeks highlights!

So today is Friday, but it’s also my birthday, yay! This is pretty much the craziest week ever for me, since my husband has been on holidays, we’ve had many get togethers with family, celebrated lots, and opened many gifts! And this week closes off with my birthday, so limiting myself to five highlights will be hard! But here we go!

1. Watching Caleb opening gifts was priceless! He figured out how to pull tissue paper out and reach in for the gift! It was so cute!

2. Sleeping in!!! There is no picture for this, as you probably wouldn’t want to see me in bed. I’ve got extra sleep from staying with family that took Caleb in the morning, or my husband and I trade-off in the mornings! It’s been so nice!

3. Our boxing week sale find at Superstore! $24 for a new bed set. A change just freshens everything up! 

4. Redecorating our bedroom and putting up my jewelery organizer! The room is a work in progress, which I will blog about soon, since it’s been a fun project! And I will also post soon about how I made this jewelery organizer from an old shutter. Using it has been great, I’ve definitely utilized my jewelery better since being able to see it well. 

5. My Swiffer Vac – I can’t say it’s my favourite gift because I have got so many wonderful things, but it is definitely a great practical gift to have received! I love it because it’s cordless and I can just zip it around the floor quickly and easily!

Can I have a number 6? No? Ok well I guess it is my “high five”, but I know that today is going to be a great day celebrating my birthday with my boys. I don’t know what’s going on, since tonight’s a surprise, but I am enjoying the attention!

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy New Year!


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