High Five For Friday!

Woo! It’s Friday. This was a short week for our family as my husband went back to work on Wednesday after holidays. I’m definitely ready for the weekend though as I’m a pretty short on sleep mommy today! I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, check out the rest of the fun over there!

Here we go with my top five from the week…

1. My parents in-law gave my  sister-in-law and I manicures for Christmas so we went on Wednesday for them. You don’t realize how you’ve been neglecting something until you get them fixed up. My nails were a wreck! New goal: keep my nails up! (Lisa, I know you’re not looking at the camera, please forgive me for using this picture – but at least you don’t look pregnant like I do!)

2. Tuesday we enjoyed a quiet day at home all together. Caleb got so attached to his daddy over the holidays.

3. Sunday we went to a Regina Pat’s Game which was really fun! All of the kids gave this outing as a gift to my father in law for Christmas. This was Caleb’s first hockey game, and he got a little frightened by the music and the horn every time a goal was scored! We also ate mini donuts…my favourite!

4. The World Junior’s have been on! Although Canada didn’t do as well as we hoped they would (winning bronze) it was still lots of fun. It was inspiring and uniting to be apart of Canada when our team scored four goals in 4:57 in the third period in a desperate attempt to make the gold medal game.

5. Ok I don’t know if this counts because it happened LAST Friday night, but it carried into Saturday, so it’s part of this week I’d say! My husband took me on a surprise date for my birthday. We went for supper to our favourite restaurant (Rock Creek) for some gourmet burgers, then to Globe Theatre for Robin Hood and then spent our first night away from Caleb. We finished it off by going for breakfast in the morning. And I got some beautiful roses (flowers always make me extra happy)! It was the best birthday ever!

Don’t let anything get you too far down, think of your High Five for Friday and thank the Lord for all the blessings in your life!

Happy Weekend!

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