Your Son’s Life Long Battle

*disclaimer* This post is not to be a one-sided take on the enemies attack on your son. It is merely my perspective now that I have a son. Perhaps when I have a daughter I’ll write about the other side.

While going through the check out at Wal-Mart the other day I heard my husband diverting Caleb’s attention to the pop and juice, pointing out each kind and the various prices. I looked over at them and saw Caleb trying to look the other way. Andrew put his hand in front of Caleb’s eyes. Caleb was naturally being drawn to the side of the check out full of brightly coloured magazines and large interesting symbols that just draw a baby to look.

Unfortunately there are other images on that side of the check stand too. Photos of half (or in some cases maybe a quarter or less) dressed women fill almost every cover. The ones that don’t contain inappropriate dress are littered with scandalous headlines, and offer information that even an adult doesn’t need to be aware of .

I honestly wonder how stores can get away with putting so much sexual content in a place where children of all ages will see it. But that is a whole other issue I may one day write about.

Standing in line I choked back tears thinking of the life long battle my son has in front of him. I wished so strongly that I could protect him from all these traps the enemy sets up for men. Every promiscuous billboard, television ad, or website. From every woman who didn’t truly treasure his heart.

My anger towards this is not new. The incident just showed me this issue in a whole new light. Before it angered me because of insecurities it brought up in myself, of fear that it put in me regarding my marriage and the temptation that is laying everywhere for guys. This time however, this brought up feelings of protection for my son. His innocent face is so sweet and so pure. His eyes seem so untainted by the evil in the world. Oh if it could only stay so.

Dad’s often will make over protective statements about their daughters because they “know how men think”, and view their daughters as their princesses. I think on the flip side moms can do the same thing with their sons, because we know how girls can be emotionally manipulating at times or use their bodies to their advantage.

The truth is, that neither gender is the cause of the issue. Men are attacked with lust, and girls are attacked through insecurity. It can be a vicious cycle. The man struggles with lust, the woman becomes insecure, and problems begin to spiral. Placing the blame squarely on who it belongs can help us take ownership of our own actions. When we recognize that Satan roams around like a roaring lion seeking who he desires, we know that it is our responsibility to set up safe guards for ourselves and actively resist his schemes.

I have observed that in some cases parents don’t want to acknowledge struggles that their child will face, because they don’t want  to believe that their child is a bad person. When we realize that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, we can see ourselves as a resource the Lord will use to hone character and integrity in our children.

I was so proud of my husband that day for desiring to pass on godly principles to Caleb. I pray that by Andrew (and myself) teaching him to avert his eyes, avoid every kind of evil, and to abstain from sexual immorality, Caleb will have a head start in life battling the tactics of the enemy.

As parents, we don’t want to be naive to the battle facing our kids. If we teach them that life with Jesus is simply Happy All The Time and miss the part that we need to resist the devil for him to flee, they will be overwhelmed with the temptation of the world. Because let’s be honest, if it wasn’t disguised as something good, it wouldn’t be so tempting.

We’re of course brand new parents, and are in no way experts on raising a boy. I am thankful, however, for God speaking to us about this so soon. As my husband told me, if Caleb always grows up being helped to discipline himself, his struggle will hopefully be a lot less.

As mothers, we can pray for our sons as well as pray for and encourage our husbands to be bold enough to share about these awkward topics. As we expose darkness to light, the power of the enemy is broken in our homes.

Along with prayer and being open, I believe that God will ask us to stand up against the norm. I was very encouraged to hear of one mom speaking to the manager of a store about the issue of having these nearly pornographic magazines at the front of stores. The manager finally (after her repeatedly talking to him), had the worst ones moved to a different section. At least it was a start. I am praying about the kind of action the Lord would have me take.

My husband and his family prayed daily for his future wife, and he always had in his heart the knowledge of me one day. I hope that as we raise Caleb, he will long for and desire to remain faithful to his wife long before he ever meets her. As the “future wife” who was being prayed for, that sure means a whole lot to me!

As you love your kids today, may this Motherhood Monday be filled with memories that you can treasure in your heart for many years to come!


One thought on “Your Son’s Life Long Battle

  1. I wrote a post like this, didn’t end up posting yet, but it was about my daughters side. They are all faced with so much pressure from early on so if parents can stay focused they can prevent it from robbing their kids their childhood, but it takes lots of work.

    Have already had my run ins with those who aren’t impressed with the limits I put on my kids experiences. I find it hard, not because I am conflicted (because I am not), but because I am disappointed the majority would thoughtlessly expose my kids and other children to ADULT stuff at a younger and younger age these days. My solution has been to tell it like it is to my kids and be straight with them when the issues and questions come up and otherwise treat them like children.

    An example : When my 8 year old first asked me why I didn’t want her to date yet I asked her ‘Do you want a mate already?… no? Okay, and so no babies yet either?…no? Okay well that is what dating is for, finding the mate and that leads to babies all to quickly.’ We laughed about it because her response was also so honest. ‘Oh bother, I don’t need a husband yet, I want to have FUN! I am just a kid!’

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