For The Love Of Tea

For as long as I can remember I have loved tea. Tea holds so many dear memories to me of treasured times with my dad, tea and toast with my mom, or watching movies all set in the Victorian era. Tea has got me through many exams, long trips, and emotional nights. I once fell out of a very large tree I was climbing and hot, sweet tea got me through the shock. A headache is rarely a match for a strong cup of tea with my body. The warm comfort tea brings to me is unmatched by almost any other thing.

The love of tea runs throughout my family, as my dad grew up in England and my mom’s family is notorious for toast and tea before bed. Whatever the reason, I started my love affair with tea at a very young age.

We always drank Tetley Orange Pekoe. Just normal, strong, and delicious. After graduating from high school I discovered Tetley Bold, which is the same thing just a little richer flavour. My family has always referred to Orange Pekoe Tea as “normal tea” and when it is offered to the group, someone always makes some cunning remark about how wouldn’t we all love some “normality”.

As time has gone on I’ve noticed the popularity of tea shops like David’s Tea or other loose tea stores that carry all kinds of varieties. While they are lots of fun to try, the price can definitely start to soar. The more adventurous you are in your tea tasting, the higher price you will pay.

Because of my love of a “normal”, strong cup of tea, I am always hesitant to try new flavours. As I have branched out however, I have enjoyed trying new flavours, as long as they remain in the realm of black teas! The other night when we were over at some family friends, I tried a delicious chocolate and strawberry black tea. While I didn’t have any dried strawberries, I decided to try mixing some flavours up with my Tetley Bold to bring you a gourmet specialty tea.

Cinnamon Chocolate Black Tea

For a full pot of tea you will need:

3 Tetley Bold (or another Orange Pekoe tea) Tea Bags

3 Tbsp. Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips

Cinnamon sticks, broken into large peices

Heat water on the stove until is comes to a rolling boil. Have the tea pot warmed by rinsing it with hot water before. Place the tea, cinnamon sticks, and chocolate chips in the tea pot right before you pour the boiling water over top. Steep for 5-7 minutes.

Have some form of strainer ready to pour the tea through into the cups.

Serve with milk or cream and honey or sugar. This is a simply delicious dessert tea.

Gift Idea!

Mason jars are all the rage at the moment, and why shouldn’t they be? Who doesn’t love a glass, vintage looking container? The variety of sizes allows them to be useful for all sorts of fun projects. I pulled one of mine out and placed the ingredients for this tea inside as an example of what a unique gift this could be. You could type of the directions for the tea or right them out on fancy paper and fold it up and place it in the jar. Add your own embellishments and you have an inexpensive, thoughtful gift.

Another idea that I thought would be fun for a tea party is to have all sorts of finely chopped nuts, dried fruits and chocolates in little bowls, along with black tea bags. Have different brewing instructions to create your own specialty tea, for example “almond apricot” black tea. Or people could be creative and invent their own flavours. It would be a tea party to remember.

Have fun creating your own tea flavour. It just might become your new family favourite!

Share your tea stories below! Tell me your favourite kinds and what memories tea evokes in you!

6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Tea

  1. What a creative idea for a tea party:) Really like that!

    Tea means laughing at my mom with my Grandmother. Grandma taught me ‘tea tongue’ means you like it hot and strong but my mom was very patient about letting her cool first and always liked it weak. So Grandma and I always chuckled that she was too scared to develop tea tongue.

    I do big tea parties each year and it sure has been something special between my little girls and I. Even my boys are big drinkers already. We go through a lot of it with four kids from three to ten already all a bunch of tea grannies and then Garnet and I practically always having a cup in hand.

    Sure enjoyed your post fellow tea lover!

  2. That is a really cute idea! I love tea as well. Have you ever been to a Teavana? It is one of those loose tea stores that are a bit pricey, but they have samples every time I go in, so why not? 🙂

    Also, my husband bought me a japanese teapot and a jar of white tea last year for my birthday. I think white tea is probably my favorite. 🙂

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  4. I love the idea of having the tea “blend” in a mason jar.
    Try a loose leaf tea and you will gain a whole new appreciation for it. With so many flavors available, using fresh/natural ingredients, you will find a new blend to fall in love with.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I do love loose teas for sure. I think this can be a more cost effective alternative, or a quick treat when company comes! What’s your favourite loose tea blend? I look forward to exploring your website.

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