Meet Dr. Leman!

Okay I think I’ve lost some of you at the title of “Doctor”! Stay with my because Dr. Kevin Leman is a hilarious guy with so much insight into marriage and parenting. He has five grown children of his own with his wife of forty four years. He also has his PhD. in psychology. He has a wonderful mix of learned knowledge and practical experience. He has been a professor, counselor, speaker, author to countless books, father and husband. His personal testimony is also inspiring as he was not always a high achiever, almost failing high school and suffering emotionally from a difficult upbringing.

I have heard Dr. Leman speak on Focus on the Family many times, and I always enjoy hearing him talk about his books. The book of his that I have read most indepth so far is:

First Time Mom

There were so many wonderful things in the book. The highlights for me were

  • Understanding how birth order affects personality (in yourself, in your spouse and in your kids)
  • Becoming informed about “The Ten Most Common Mistakes of New Parents”
  • Gaining a unique perspective about staying home with your child or going back to work
  • Learning the life change my husband was going through in becoming a new dad and gaining tools to support him
This book truly was packed full of wonderful information and has been one of my favourites out of all the parenting and new mom books so far. I can’t say enough about Dr. Leman’s humorous style and empowering approach.

Check out this promotional video for his one of his most popular books Have a New Kid By Friday

I encourage you to check out his website to keep up with his latest blogs and information. You can also follow Dr. Leman on Twitter @drleman and “like” his Facebook page.

I enjoyed this blog post from Dr. Leman breaking down the different types of parents. You can find it here.

Enjoy exploring all the wisdom that Dr. Leman has to offer!

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