At Home Dates

As young parents, it is often difficult to leave the house without your baby for a date night. We are incredibly blessed to have so much family around us who love having time with our munchkin. I have talked to many of you however, that don’t have that. So here are five of my favourite at home date ideas, followed by two links to MANY more creative ones. These cost almost no money, depending on what you have on hand around your house. You’ll have to choose to be creative and not mind “pretending” to be somewhere that you aren’t.

I have found some of our best conversations have happened during one of our at home dates. I am sort of spoiled when it comes to dating my husband. We usually guard our Friday evening and Saturday evening for at home date time, then Sunday night is our  marriage class, so we usually get an out of the house date too.

  1. Do a “Pinterest Project” – You can find all kinds of projects on Pinterest for varying amounts of time. Over the Christmas holidays we spent many afternoons and evenings working on little projects. This one was lots of fun for us. We chose the paper and painted together. The only part we didn’t do together was use the saw to cut the wood. That was all me. Just kidding. It was my husband. You can read more about this project here.
  2. Coffee Shop Night – I am not the type of person who likes the idea of a date night involving me slaving away in the kitchen to create a fancy meal that we will then spend the rest of our at home date cleaning up. No thanks! I do LOVE going for coffee. Whether it’s a quick trip to Tim’s or a lingered over Caramel Macchiato, there is hardly an outing I like more than going for coffee. One of our local coffee shops has this well-known saying written in it: Sit long, Talk much. Laugh often. That is the basis of this at home date. Did you know that couples that laugh together have a much high success rate? You can read about laughter and marriage here. Create an atmosphere like you’re favourite coffee shop and experiment with a new latte or tea, then sit and visit. If you don’t have an espresso machine, check out this easy stove top Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe or my gourmet  Cinnamon Chocolate black tea recipe.
  3. Paper Airplane Contest – If you and your spouse are competitive, like my husband and I are, this is lots of fun. Be really extreme. I found this on one of the links I’m including below.
    Okay if Andrew and I had not got married, I would feel really awkward about this photo! This is from a pre-dating days (I was 19, he was 20) at Bible School where a bunch of us were having a paper airplane race. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing. It seems like Andrew is taunting me, and I’m shamelessly flirting (which yes, did happen)! 
  4. Organize a zone – This definitely comes down to your personality on whether you’d enjoy this one. We love picking something random (like our ottoman) and reorganizing it. Weird? Maybe, if you view it as work. If you view it as exploring a cupboard or container you haven’t looked through in a while, you’ll find a few pieces of buried treasure!
  5. Childhood Glimpses – My husband and I, like most couples, come from quite different backgrounds. Any time we get the chance to talk about what our lives were like as kids, we love to. It’s wonderful to get to know someones favourite books, cartoons, cereal and relatives. It’s humbling and intimate to be brought into someones past hurts or painful memories. Either way, you grow closer. For us, these are two the little people that we want to get to know better: 

Here are some links to many more at home date ideas!

With Valentines Day falling on a Tuesday, I’m sure a lot of you won’t be able to do something on that day. I don’t think we’ve ever gone on a date on Valentine’s Day. Our first year together we were on a ministry trip with our Bible School, second we had pre-natal class and this year it lands on the day we teach our leadership class! Just use the special day coming as a chance to force yourself to make time to do something together this week, whether you feel like you have time for not!

Do you have any suggestions to add to my list? Share them here*!

Enjoy your weekend, and plan an at home date night!





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