Your Dramatic Change

Do you want a thorough or dramatic change in your person, appearance, or character? Well that is the definition of the word transform! Not only do you probably want it for yourself, but the Lord wants it for you too, and He’s here to help!

Transformation of our families and ourselves is something that we all desire. While we love our families, and hopefully love ourselves there is always room for improvement.

Which of the two options is better?

a. to appear kind, gentle and patient

b. to be kind, gentle and patient

Everywhere you turn right now in our world people are offering us tricks and tactics for getting what we want. Sometimes they are extremely selfish. They teach you how to manipulate someone else to your advantage to have your needs met.  For example I have heard some people teach that in relationships if you are feeling underappreciated you should withhold all you do (maybe cooking, cleaning, communicating, etc.) so that the person gets the hint that you are not happy. While the outcome might be similar, would you rather have someone truly appreciate and thank you or have manipulated him or her into a place of needing to grovel at your feet?

In the Christian world we see a lot of self-help as well. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not at all against these types of books, in fact sometimes I overly enjoy them. My personality is like this: give me a list of instructions on how to complete a task successfully, and I will do it without a flaw.

I hate when something doesn’t come with instructions! When it was time to move to feeding my son solids I was reading a book that provided a ton of suggestions. That drove me crazy! I just wanted them to lay out step by step what to feed him everyday so I didn’t mess up.

That doesn’t work with us or with anyone else. If you try to simply follow a list of instructions for how to be happy, content, gentle or self controlled you are going to be disappointed. If you want to become like God you have know his heart.

How do you know his heart? You have to get in his Word and you have to start communicating with him.

To give you a cooking analogy, we love Greek seasoned chicken breast. There is a huge difference between when I quickly sprinkle some seasoning on top for a quick taste on our food, compared to when I allow that chicken breast to sit for hours and marinate in oil and the seasoning. The seasoning becomes a part of the chicken. There is no scraping it off; the chicken is completely saturated in the flavour. As it is cooks, the smell of that delicious Greek seasoning fills the entire house and permeates into every one of our senses.

I am realizing that I have over complicated transformation. Up to now I’ve been trying to do things to change others or myself.

But really, transformation is quite simple.

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

The part I play in transformation is submitting to God. He will change how I think. He will change who I am. As I soak in the heart of whom the Lord is I will become the things of Him, instead of trying to attain the things of Him. 

I don’t want to over simplify our walks with the Lord, but I think we can get so caught up in doing certain things to become a certain way. And all results that come like that will be temporary. If you want real alteration, you’ll let God bring about a dramatic change that permanently shapes your character into his likeness.

So take a deep breath.


Transformation will come just as soon as you stop trying.


One thought on “Your Dramatic Change

  1. I totally identify with wanting a detailed step by step how to for life. It never does work out, does it? 🙂

    And of course transformation is recognizing that you have no control over it, that it will come on God’s timeline, not yours. That’s probably the toughest thing for me. 🙂

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