The Small Things

Hairstyles can trigger a lot of anxiety in women. Personally, I can nearly have a panic attack before going to get my hair cut because of too many bad previous experiences. I get to the hair stylist, sit down with plans to be adventurous, and then end up reverting to “just trim it up and style my bangs!”

Kate from the Small Things Blog has become quite the success story. Her hair tutorials went viral on Pinterest and You Tube and she has attracted a lot of people to her blog, me being one of them!

One thing I want to say about Kate is that she seems to be an extremely humble and wonderful woman. On her blog under “about me” she says very straight forward that she is a Christian and finds her worth in Jesus, even though she loves to talk about things like hair (she’s a professional stylist), make up, style and decorating, she serves Christ first.

Because her blog took off so quickly she suddenly started making money off of advertising and other avenues. She posted a while back about how she chose to sponsor a child through Compassion International with some of the funds she received.

I have personally benefited from her hair tutorials so much! They are quick, concise and offer great advice for spicing up your every day hair with tricks and tips for using your straightener, curling iron or other tools.

As a stay at home mom, I can feel down if I don’t take time to get ready during the day, even if we aren’t planning on leaving the house! Of course there are those days where nothing seems to go right and I barely have time to drink my coffee, let alone style my hair! But most days I try to get ready when Caleb is napping or occupied. He usually gets a lot of entertainment out of watching me do my hair and make up!

Ok I’m being brave: here is a picture of my hair just blow dried with NO style yet. It’s scary. You will understand why I need to straighten it, curl it or put it up!

I decided to try out Kate’s latest tutorial on the double bun. You can watch it right here.

So I got three-quarters of the way through and then you can see that Caleb stopped being entertained and got very unimpressed with me wasting time on this!

So I sat him down with a snack and tried to quickly finish this off. Of course I’d never tried this one before so it took me a tiny bit longer then it usually would (or when I re did it later in the day). Here is my final picture. I hope to get a better finished product today when I try it again since I won’t wash my hair again today, so if I do I’ll post another picture! I ran out of bobby pins and that one longer curly piece wouldn’t stay back!

 You can check out her flat-iron tutorial here, and her curling iron tutorial here. These are my two other favourites as they livened up my hair a little more!

You can check out all of Kate’s hair tutorials and other fun blog posts by visiting The Small Things Blog.


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