A Few Of My Favourite Things: The Vancouver Canucks

I was overwhelmed yesterday by all the people who enjoyed my post on the Double Bun and the Small Things Blog! Each day I have the privilege of connecting with new people and sharing my stories and my heart. I am going to be doing a post called “A few of my favourite things” every now and then featuring something about me or that I love that if you knew me you would know! I hope it will be a chance for you each to not only hear my heart and see some of the projects I work on, but also to get to know me a little better!

Thanks for being a part of My Red & Purple Life Blog! If you are new to my blog, I hope you’ll check out Stay Connected and be in touch with me! I love getting to know new people.

Ok so here is my first post for A Few of My Favourite Things!

The Vancouver Canucks

When I started watching the Vancouver Canucks play in 1995 at the age of five and a half this was their logo and their goalie, my first favourite goalie, Kirk McLean.

I have so many memories of my early years of hockey watching. If you aren’t from Canada you won’t feel the emotion behind the phrase “Hockey Night in Canada”, nor will you automatically hear the tune of that great theme song run through your head. Saturday nights were tough for a little girl needing to go to bed early to be up for church the next morning. I remember lying in my bunk bed with my radio on listening to Jim Hughson call the second or third period (since I was at least able to watch the first on T.V) until 1998. My eyes would get so heavy, but I could not let myself fall asleep until I was assured of victory.

Canuck fever had swept British Columbia after their 1994 run to the cup, and I was by no means too young to be immune to it. Everything about the Canucks was intoxicating: their speed, passion, vigor, and talent.

At that time my family lived in British Columbia, first on Vancouver Island, and then in Vancouver until we left B.C in 2002. I carried my love for the Canucks across two provinces to reside in the heart of a Saskatchewanian.

In high school we had many rivalries in my youth group between the different teams. One specific rivalry seemed to prevail. The Toronto Maple Leafs vs. The Vancouver Canucks.

On the night of this picture, I remember my team lost and my youth group held me down and put a Toronto jersey on me! We laughed so hard, I remember my stomach just aching. The next morning in church some how the fact that Vancouver lost was mentioned from the pulpit. Only in a small town!

My husband and I cheer for different teams, but there has never been a question as to who our son would love after this great shirt I found while I was pregnant! Not to bring up too much tragedy for all you Canuck fans, but I’m about to say the inevitable. Last year, we made it to the finals again. I was so sure this was our year to win the cup. I had my brand new baby home from the hospital with me as we watched game seven again the Boston Bruins. I could hardly breathe during that game. We had already overcome a huge mental hurdle: The Chicago Blackhawks, after losing to them two years in a row. We had come so far. This had to be our time.

Sadly it wasn’t. I can still get emotional thinking of how close we were last year.

Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers,
intensifies, but never destroys it.
– Eliza Tabor

As of today we’re still first in the league! Will our disappointment be the fuel that takes us to the final? Or the focus of a brand new year with no regrets? I guess we’ll see!

Are you a Vancouver Canucks Fan? Share your story below!

2 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favourite Things: The Vancouver Canucks

  1. Not a Canucks fan, but a hockey fan nonetheless. I’m from Phoenix and love my Coyotes! My 11 year old son also plays hockey (goalie…eek!) year round!

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