Little Moments

At our marriage class last week we were talking about receiving a faith vision for your spouse. This lesson was the most impacting to me so far. I know that my husband, my son and our whole family have a call from the Lord, but sometimes I’m not sure where to start praying about it! I can get overwhelmed with my own agenda and find it hard to hear what God wants to say to me about them.

Over this period of Caleb crying more, not sleeping very well, and me walking around with him, I’ve blogged about how I’ve asked for patience and tried to deal with the separation anxiety, and I believe the Lord is granting that to me (although if my husband reads this he’ll be the first to tell you I didn’t have patience last night). Altogether things have been improving.

During these little moments of hugging Caleb, or holding him close to my heart I have felt the Lord say the best way for me to have patience with this, is to use that time when I’m comforting and consoling to allow the Lord to speak his vision for Caleb’s life into me, so that I can pray about it. What better chance then when we are so physically close to one another.

The chances that I do have now (preferably not at 3 am, but I’ll try to be thankful for the opportunities), I hold him in to me so I feel his tiny heart beating against mine, allow his precious fingers to tap on my neck, and feel our cheeks squish together. The words I have felt the Lord speak over Caleb in these moments have been so powerful. I have personal verses that were whispered to me for him, like Judges 6:12 where the angel of the Lord says to Gideon;
“the Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” 

I believe it will be a powerful thing for him to have his mom and dad pray into the vision that God gave us that Caleb will be an anointed, mighty warrior for the Lord. Right now I hold Caleb in my arms and I see a vulnerable child, but God sees a mighty man of valor.

That’s just an example of some of the things the Lord has spoken to me during those times. It is an invaluable time, that I am starting to learn I wouldn’t trade, once he’s settled down!

My prayer for you today is that you would seize the opportunities to grab a piece of God’s heart and vision for your child! It helps the unbearable moments to become precious little moments.

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