Covered in Cream

No I didn’t have an accident with my beloved container of 18% cream and lose its precious content to my floor, or my body. Thankfully. Nor is this about my favourite face care or body products that are always cream based for me.

There is something so comforting about cream. When you think of cream in your coffee it just adds richness and delight. Whipped cream on top of dessert or waffles conjures up all kinds of pleasant memories or cozy evenings or happy family breakfasts.

Cream in the decorating sense is something I am completely in to right now. The only problem with cream: it doesn’t hide dirt. That automatically is a no-no for me as we’re in the baby stage. But I can dream right?

Here is my “cream dream” blog post. I would never do all of these things in the same house, because it would just be over load!

In reality…

This is a project that we actually are working on, because we actually could have cream in this sense. We are doing a little transformation with our kitchen. We’re going to be painting our cupboards cream and our trims a latte colour, our doors espresso and our walls are already light chocolate (I kind of want to drink up our colours)!

Here is some of the inspiration we’ve been looking at with our kitchen project.

Read about this kitchen here.

Read about this kitchen here.

So by realistic I basically mean we’d have cream cupboards! These kitchens are a lot nicer and bigger than ours, and our walls will still be dark.

Semi realistic…

Cream clothes! These are just a couple little things, that probably would get wrecked, but they’d be nice to keep around for date nights, outings, etc.

Not realistic…

A cream living room! This has disaster written all over it, but it’s oh so calm and refreshing.

You can read about this living room here.

You can read about this living room here.

I absolutely love the flowers on the coffee table in the last living room. So beautiful.

I guess the most realistic cream thing for me to having in my home are flowers, which I have a picture of some gorgeous cream roses. You can see the photographer’s site here.

This is my little cream obsession. By the time I can actually have a lot of cream in my home, I’ll probably be over it!

What is one colour or shade scheme that you could crazy over?

2 thoughts on “Covered in Cream

  1. Various shades of bluish grey…I think that colour palette as a base is beautiful and can have shades of very light pink and seafoam green accents. Love these ideas.

  2. Turquoise and robin’s egg blue have showed up a lot in my decor. I love how cheerful colors like them mixed with golds and thus am a Victorian style and vintage accents addict.

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