It’s The Weekend, Where Are You Going To Church?

It’s the weekend, where are you going to church?

Last night we went to our church’s Saturday night service. My husband and I used to go to it every week. It’s kind of the younger, more kicked up service. However, I don’t like saying that because our Sunday worship is absolutely phenomenal and I wouldn’t want to imply that it isn’t!

Anyway, we were back with our babe last night (thanks to an unexpected late afternoon nap) and it was so wonderful to be in the presence of the Lord. We missed Sunday service at church last week, and let me tell you, we missed coming together with our church family to worship. I don’t think we place an unhealthy emphasis on corporate worship, and as a family we value worship and prayer in our home daily, but there is power in coming together and declaring the greatness of God.

Last night as I was at the front of the church, one of the pastors came over and completely read my mail. He started praying over me, and the Lord showed him basically every single thought that was on my mind this week concerning my purpose. The content of the word that was spoken to me isn’t what is important. The take away point is that the Lord is with you all the time, and He wants to speak to you. He can speak directly to you, but my faith was again increased as I was reminded of the reality of the Lord’s power.

So when are you going to church? Did you go last night? Are you going this morning? I hope you take the time out of your weekends to go to church .Do not underestimate the importance of meeting together, the power of corporate worship, and the impact of hearing someone speak to the congregation who has spent time seeking God for what he should talk about.

Let’s just say, if you don’t go to church, you are missing out!

If you don’t have a church family where you live, email and I would be happy to help you look into some great churches in your area!

I know some of you have been hurt deeply by churches, and this won’t be a post where I go deeper into why that happens, but please don’t confuse that with being hurt by God. Churches are made up of people, and people are human. They make mistakes. Even the ones that look like they have it all together usually have some deep seeded things that the Lord is working on.

God’s love is perfect, and as his child, if you ask him for bread he won’t give you a stone. My prayer for you is that you can allow the love of Jesus flood your heart and give church another try. Pray for a good, bible believing church with leadership whose focus is on preaching the Word, welcoming the presence of God and empowering the church. If you ask for a good thing, let’s believe the Lord will point you in the right direction!


May you have wonderful encounters with God’s presence as you worship with your local church family!




One thought on “It’s The Weekend, Where Are You Going To Church?

  1. Oh, I love my church family! Coming together every Sunday is such a blessing! It is important to remember that the church, though God-inspired and God-embraced, is run by us, the flawed humans. Still, so much good and growth come from it! Great post!

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