A Trip To Value Village

Most people, especially women love to shop and love to wear new clothes! I am definitely no exception. I was challenged in our Marriage Class when they were talking about how one of the roles of women is to be an administrator, and that especially for those of us who currently live off one income, we need to be good stewards of the finances our husbands bring home. So thrift store shopping has definitely become our style.

This is no problem for me. I LOVE thrift store shopping, It feels like a treasure hunt. I get a huge thrill off finding something I love, is in perfect condition and paying hardly anything for it.

So yesterday afternoon when the weather didn’t turn quite as warm and sunny as we had expected, we took a little trip down to our local Value Village.

In the picture above, I tried to create a mannequin from my tall lamp! I included this picture more for a laugh, since it didn’t really work! The shirt and the belt were bought at Value Village and the cardigan, which is older (as you can see by the safety-pin holding the one seam together) is from Superstore originally.

I found some new white skinny jeans, and already spilt some coffee on them! Don’t worry, I’ve gotten coffee our of whites clothes MANY times!

So in the above picture I bought the white jeans, brown ruffle cardigan, the pattern shirt and that little belt.

In the below picture was a pink pattern shirt I also bought.

Everything was in brand new condition. Here’s what each would approximately be brand new (some I looked up, some I knew from previous shopping experience. The Aldo belt is still online).

Suzy Shier Pink Dress Shirt – $30

White Skinny Jeans – $40

Evidence Pattern Shirt – $25

Aldo Belt – $20

Red Cardigan – $32

Total: $147

I paid at Value Village: $38

I just love a good deal! That’s a savings of $109!

Ok now here is a cute story of while we were there. Andrew took Caleb and showed him a rack of clothes to see which thing he would be drawn to. He pulled out these green, yellow and white basketball shorts. Andrew then picked out some other things and held them up to him and he chose the shorts again! Here he is in Value Village gripping those shorts.

So we bought them for him and brought them home and he loved playing with them. Then today, after I washed them, he tried them on. Was he ever cute!

The only person who didn’t find anything was my husband, because he spent all his time watching me try on clothes or helping Caleb. Next trip will be all about him!

Share your best deal stories below! I’m thankful for many ways to stretch our finances and free more of our money up for the things that matter, like creating family memories and helping others!



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