Around 2:45 a.m last night I heard the loudest warning alarm go off. My ears were ringing. I instantly opened my eyes. I could not believe what I saw. Our entire garage, yard and part of the tree were completely engulfed in flames! At that moment there was a loud burst of shattering glass, as the window in the garage popped from the heat. My husband and I sprung from bed, calling out orders to each other of “GET CALEB” and “call 9-1-1”!

I grabbed the phone and realized the line was dead since the flames had already devoured the power and phone lines. I opened our front door and screamed out into the night asking if anyone had a phone. We didn’t want to go back to our bedroom since that was the closest room to the flames, and we weren’t sure how fast the fire was spreading. A man was standing there already on the phone with the respondent.

He was shouting to get out of the house because the tree was catching fire and all I could scream back was “my baby!” and he realized there was more people inside.

When we got outside and were safely waiting in our vehicle we gazed up at the billowing smoke, mesmerized by the enormous flames that we’re about to consume our house. I had never seen a fire rage with such fury.

Our house. Not our home. Our home is the three of us, and thank the Lord, we were all safe.

We sat there praying, but with nearly no hope we’d ever walk into our house again. The flames were reaching extremely high as the fire trucks screeched and screamed in. I told my husband I didn’t know if I could sit there and watch my house go up in flames, it seemed like too much to take in.
The firefighters were amazing. They were able to put out the blaze quickly. The fire stopped just before our house. Not even our stucco was singed. Our garage was barely standing, everything inside destroyed, our grass burnt but our house, miraculously remained untouched.
In the picture above you can see that the garage door melted away almost completely. From the outside it looks like the building is standing, but it’s basically all stucco. A big gust of wind could knock it over.That alarm I mentioned at the beginning that pulled me from my sleep, ended up not being real. There had been no alarm. No one else heard it but me. Jesus in his grace and mercy sounded it for my ears to awaken us to action.

Everyday we pray protection over us, and we plead the blood of Jesus around our house. Last night before going to bed we read Psalm 91. We had no idea the extent of protection we were asking for.

Today my heart rejoices with absolute elation. We are safe. I am standing in my house that I didn’t think I would ever walk back into. I can’t convey the thankfulness in my heart.“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.” Psalm 4:8

We don’t need to fear the terror of night, nor the disaster that might strike. He has proven his faithfulness to us yet again. He is so good to us.
Unfortunately there was a string of other fires last night. They are being investigated since they at all suspiciously similar. I wonder if the person or people who thought this was a funny prank would have realized the trauma that it can cause. If they saw the beautiful face of my son, and heard the dreams in our hearts, would they have reconsider putting us at risk?I don’t know the answer to this, but I do cry out for the Lord to intervene in their lives before they do something worse and end up hurting themselves and someone else.

We are so blessed to have a God who protects us, and brave men and women who risk their lives helping others. I thank each person who serves as a firefighter or another type of emergency respondent.

I now know the answer to that ridiculous question “if you could grab one thing if your house was on fire what would it be?”
The answer is nothing. Not even shoes. I stood barefoot in the street with my baby wrapped I my arms and my husband standing next to me. There was nothing else from the house I wanted in that moment.

6 thoughts on “Fire!

  1. I am so glad you are all ok. My eyes teared up as I read this entry, not because of any loss or potential home loss, but that always seems to be my reaction in front of the power of God.

    I will be praying for you guys as you sort this whole thing out, and praying for those that may be involved.

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