Family Photo Contest Winner!

Back in February I held a contest called the “Celebrating Family Photo Contest”. I asked readers to send in their favourite photo of their family with an explanation of why you love it!

The winner was chosen by a random draw. Lyndsie Bachtold submitted this photo and explanation:

“This is my favourite picture of my family. For starters, I love it because I think we all look just fabulous ūüėõ And secondly, I love hugs and this picture looks like we’re all having one big group hug. I LOVE my family!!!” – Lyndsie

From left to right: Marni, Lyndsie, Shelby, Kendall, Karen (mom), Chris (dad)

This family is incredibly special to me. I spent most of my teen years in their house hanging out with the girls, talking with their parents and being loved on by such a close family. I am so blessed to have them in my life still!

I talked to Lyndsie about why her family is so close, how they maintain their relationships and how the Lord plays a part in their family.

1. How do you and your family stay close though you’re spread out?¬†We try to get together as often as we can. We love getting together and having nice meals where we are able to catch up, tell stories, laugh and enjoy one another’s company. We also love to text, send emails and call one another when we are apart.

2. What was one thing your parents did to promote family time growing up?¬†Same as question one. We’d have nice meals and enjoy one another’s company around the dinner table. I loved our family times around the dinner table growing up. I’m glad that was a part of our lives; something that I think a lot of busy families miss out on.

3. What is one thing that makes your family so special?¬†I love that as we get older we grow closer and closer together instead of further apart…I think that’s special.

4. How do you know your parents show you they are committed to each other? They pray together, have date nights, etc.

5. What’s it like have three sisters?¬†Growing up, deep down I loved it, but didn’t always realize it. Now I fully realize how blessed I am to have three amazing sisters. I LOVE having three sisters who are all my best friends.

6. How does faith play a part in your family life? Our faith in God ultimately strengthens our relationships with one another. As we learn to more fully love God we can more fully love one another. We are able to share our journeys with Christ together, pray for one another, encourage one another, share wisdom and advice, etc.

There are many wonderful things about the Bachtold family. One thing I personally love is that Chris & Karen always sends each of their daughters flowers on Valentines Day. Three of the girls live together, and Lyndsie Instagramed all their bouquets that were around the house that special day.

It is extremely important that girls feel cherished by their dads, and I’ve always thought Chris has done a great job of this! Karen offers great wisdom, and her daughters know they can turn to them.

The sisters are each different in their own way, but if you get to hang out with them, be ready for lots of fun! As we have got older and the times in their basement are no more, I always look forward to them stopping by the house on their way through my city back to our hometown. We laugh a lot, filling my husband in on all the fun times we had, and relive great memories together.

My best conversations with each of these girls always took place over a different kind of drink; coffee with Kendall, Pepsi with Lyndsie, hot chocolate with Marni, and a slushie with Shelby! I am so happy to have gotten to know them each individually!

I think there are some great suggestions that we can pull out of what Lyndsie shared.

  1. Take advantage of the everyday moments to enjoy with your family. Supper can be the best time of the day to talk! Research indicates that one of the greatest antidotes for risky behavior in teens is consistently eating supper as a family. You can read more about that in Finding Home РBy Jim Daly of Focus on the Family.
  2. Communicate lovingly! We have so many wonderful resources at our finger tips in this day and age. You can say “I love you” over Facebook, email, Twitter, text, phone call, writing a note, etc.
  3. Parents who take time for their marriage do not hurt their children. Even if they have to cut out an¬†activity¬†that their kids might be disappointed in, it doesn’t take long for grown children (and often younger) to realize it was worth the sacrifice to have a family that is together and parents that are committed to each other.
  4. As you love Jesus more, you can love you family more. If you are having issues with your family, choosing to take time to pray will give God the opportunity to give you eyes to see them the way He sees them.

Do you know this special family? Share a word of encouragement, or something you appreciate about them below. If you don’t know them, tell me what struck you while you were reading Lyndsie’s answers.


Now I’m going to go make sure my baby boy knows that I love him, starting with a lot of kisses!
Treasure your loved ones today!



2 thoughts on “Family Photo Contest Winner!

  1. Karen is my cousin and lathough we live half a country apart through the wonders of technology I am in touch with them all and can keep up on their lives as they can do on mine. My family was a community and as I grew up I was close to Karen’s parents, my aunt Irene and uncle Wes. We always cared for all our family deeply. We had a lot of good times, a lot of laughs and were there when another one needed us. I was blessed to have them all there.

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