California Bound

Ever since the fire I can’t even begin to explain the things the Lord has been doing in us. I’d say really the most incredible stuff began when we decided to take a marriage course at our church. That step of obedience when I didn’t feel we “needed” to take the course, released many spiritual blessings into our lives. But, I’m not going to touch on a lot of that right now. Right now, I want to tell you about California!

Like I said, ever since the fire God has been completely following through on the promise that he has spoken over so many situations in my life. His promise to me is that what the enemy intended for harm, the Lord is using for good. (This is based on what Joseph said at the end of his life in Genesis 50). And it has been so with our fire!

We had a lot of favour with insurance, and since my husband is a carpenter we received more money for our garage than it will cost him to rebuild it. So we’ve been praying about what to do with the extra money, and wow the Lord has had some big plans for our lives. We thought we had received the whole picture. Then on Monday the Lord threw in a little surprise for us!

We were talking with a lady at our church who was attending a conference with her husband (one of the pastors) in California next week. I told her how we had been craving a leadership conference, and that we’d have loved to go, but the timing wasn’t right. She told us there were two extra tickets for the conference. We laughed, thinking it was impossible to go. Finances were the number one thing on my mind. I knew we didn’t have the money to up and leave for California. I am also the matron of honour in a wedding next weekend, AND our son doesn’t have a passport. That seemed like a lot of strikes against it. We conceded that there would be many more conferences, and one day we’d go.

Two things I forgot about in that moment.

1. We had extra money that the Lord was still guiding us in.

2. My husband had a vision recently of him and I at a conference in California.

Minor details.

I didn’t think anything of it the rest of the night, and on our way home from the marriage class my husband said he really felt that the Lord was burning in his heart that we HAD TO GO to this conference.

I panicked.

I said there was absolutely no way that could be the Lord since we’d have to leave Caleb behind.

Shocked by my lack of enthusiasm? I may desire to do the Lord’s will, but honestly I fight fear more than you know.

Anyway, I finally agreed to pray about it and the peace that passes understand (read more about that here), flooded me and all the knots in my stomach disappeared. We prayed a little more after than felt the Lord saying GO!

By midnight that evening (three hours later) all the details were basically worked out. Our flights, hotel and rental car was booked (at a fabulous price I might add). We finalized some details surrounding Caleb, and my husband’s parents agreed (although it didn’t take much convincing) to look after Caleb!

The morning after we decided to go however, I woke up sick with dread over leaving Caleb for three nights. After some time laying my fears before the Lord, that peace returned, and I knew we had made the right decision. God was calling Andrew and I away together to grow closer and hear more about his next steps for our lives.

On Tuesday of next week we will be on a plane heading to Catalyst West: Be Present Conference!

If you remember a while back I wrote about how I missed our honeymoon and was desiring a bit of adventure (read here). Well, looks like the Lord is granting me my hearts desire. This is the beach close to our hotel.

I’m definitely excited for this!

I hear the Lord speaking so loudly to me “I am the Lord, I make a way where there is no way!”

He made a way through the red sea, he provided water from a rock, he set prisoners free, he heals our diseases, and he cares about the desires of our heart.

I look forward to keeping you all updated on what’s going on with us down in California.

All glory to God who takes our broken situations and fills them with light, hope and purpose! May you see him make a way through your path that seems obstructed!

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