Apples & Oranges

Being in California was wonderful! I can’t wait to get some pictures up of the beauty we saw. We were at a leadership conference, and we drank in so many wonderful sessions. I found myself applying so many principles to mothering. Once you’re a parent, there is no separating anything from the world of raising children.

I believe some of the strongest leaders in the world need to be mothers. I also believe moms need to have some of the deepest leadership training. The same goes for fathers too, but I am a mom so I’m more passionate about this! Moms and dads have the opportunity for greater influence on the kids they are raising than any teacher. We need to have a self-studied “master’s” in leadership to equip ourselves with the tools of effective leading. I am not ashamed to admit that as a girl in her early twenties, I don’t know all I need to know about raising my little boy. I am hungry to learn.

I say that to have a basis of applying some of the principles I learned to my parenting. At one of the sessions I was at, Jon Acuff  said this; don’t compare your beginning to someone’s middle.

Th quote above is one that really spoke to me as a mom. As a first time mom, we compare ourselves so much to other moms, and measure what we can handle as a trying-to-keep-up mom to one baby, against the beautiful super mom with three kids, a spotless house, nice minivan (or SUV, you pick), elaborate suppers nightly placed on the table and wisdom ever flowing off her lips.

Ok, you may not actually know a mom like that, but we do this! We compares apples and oranges. A brand new business to a large corporation. A starter home, to someones mid life dream house. New mom to experienced mom.

We need to make accurate comparisons, accept the encouragement we receive and ignore the voices in our head telling us that we fail next to our self-imposed standard. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. I have grown so much over the last eleven months, but instead of congratulating myself, I just raise the bar higher.

Through the Lord’s grace and mercy he will continue to grow us into the godly moms he is calling us to be and the godly leaders he wants us to be. If we are sidetracked by comparison or the negative voices in our own head, we’ll be completely pulled off course.

My biggest fear is waking up and realizing I’m not in God’s will and that I’m not allowing myself to be used by him to the fullest extent. Receiving the Lord’s truth is a huge step in the right direction!

Do you struggle with comparing yourself to people more experienced than you?

I can’t wait to share more from our time at Catalyst West Conference!


One thought on “Apples & Oranges

  1. Oh goodness, the comparison monster. It’s probably THE cause to a lot of my anxiety issues and panic attacks. It’s such a hard thing to conquer, luckily we aren’t in this struggle alone. 🙂

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