Thoughts from a weaning mother

Since our California trip there has been a lot of craziness for us. Most of it surrounds Caleb and I know that the enemy has tried to
steal, kill and destroy the words that I received at the conference. I wrote about romance one and how our heart is a garden. In this context, my heart is a garden to receive from the Lord, but the “worries and cares of this life” has been really trying to choke it out.

My emotions have been all over the place thanks to a severe lack of sleep since returning home. My son was eager to nurse when I first arrived home, but then his ear infection caused him to lose interest. Ever since then we have been done with breastfeeding.
These moments I’ve had with my boy have been so treasured, mostly because this has been the only time I’ve been able to hold him without him squirming from my arms. Now that he’s almost walking, he is practicing charging around the house pushing various objects, with little time for food, let alone hugs and kisses!

I’ve always heard that a parent is trying to wean the child, but for me it was opposite. I’ve had to wean myself instantly from those quiet moments. A phase of Caleb’s childhood is now complete. May holds his first birthday. This year has really flown.

I guess I share this to echo the words of my last post “Be Present”. I’m enjoying each stage. They are flying way to quickly. Now I am enjoying watching him drink from his sippy cup (he refuses a bottle) and being very independant. His personality is quickly developing. He likes his cup to lay on it’s side when he’s not dirnking it, and he saves his favourite pieces of food in the cup holder for last. He is extremely paticular, and oozing with joy.

I thank God for the “little baby” moments I’ve had with Caleb, and I ask for wisdom to handle the next stage of toddlerhood ahead!

One thought on “Thoughts from a weaning mother

  1. Aaawww…weaning is a bittersweet time. Both Ava and Ethan weaned around 9 months, much before I wanted them to, and although there were blessings to no longer being their primary food source, and in hindsight the timing was right for the circumstances of our lives at the time, it was still hard to lose that close connection and see them taking their first steps toward independence. And I have found that I really enjoy even more those rare times where they do still come looking for a cuddle. Hope you have a good week and that you can get some sleep!

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