High Five for Friday!

After missing three Fridays in a row, I am back to celebrate the weekend! We’ve had quite a full few weeks!

I’m linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk Blog to bring you this H54F!

1. This past weekend we were celebrating my brother in law’s graduation from bible school! He now has his Bachelor in Biblical Studies. We’re very proud of him and enjoyed being there to celebrate!

2. Traveling up to the graduation was fun. Caleb did better than excepted and was super cute in Boston Pizza on the way up!

3. I discovered a new tea! Tetley Vanilla Bean Chai! It’s so delicious. One night I sat in bed and drank my tea, and it was so perfect after an exhausting day!

4. My little button and I went for a long walk yesterday. He fell asleep in the stroller (he was refusing to nap at home). He looked just like a little baby again. Then he woke up right after and got back to being busy. He looked so peaceful.

5. I’m almost done reading through the prayers in The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Parent! I have seen so many of the prayers answered, and I am going to continue using them as a guide for praying over my family. I feel like these books have really given me a framework to pray into things that I would have missed otherwise. God is so good!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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