Five Ways To “Feel” Awake

Oh sleepless nights. We’ve had a lot of those lately. I’ve been thinking of a few very nonspiritual methods for feeling awake. Yes, I have done all of these.

  1. Citrus Body Wash – if you get a few minutes to shower the scent of oranges definitely does something for invigorating your body, albeit temporarily. If you don’t have time to shower…wash your hands with it?
  2. Buy a new eye concealer. It usually tingles differently the first few times. Even if it doesn’t hide your bags, it’s nice to feel as though you’re trying.
  3. Pinch your cheeks. Honestly. I think it’s been working for me lately. And if your cheeks get ready and blotchy, you can try out some of that new concealer on them.
  4. Breathe in a new type of coffee. When I’m really tired I grind up my Vanilla Hazelnut beans, it’s a delicious aroma therapy.
  5. Do something for yourself and let your child do something they aren’t usually allowed to. I let Caleb rip up a whole book. It was so worth it to drink my coffee in quiet. I just pretended I didn’t notice. I will probably regret it later when he rips up something I love!

Ok so maybe some of these aren’t the best ideas! What works for you?



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