Faithful Moms

I was reading some of the Facebook status’ and tweets this morning, and I was struck by some of the words said about moms who had been faithful for so many years.

I have been thinking a lot lately about all the amazing things I’ve learned since becoming a mom and how my life has changed. Today it hit me though that being a faithful mom is going to take repeating this for years and years and years, continuing to grow, learn, love and encourage.

I can only pray that twenty-five years from now my children will arise and call me blessed. That I would have done my job consistently and raised my kids in the ways of the Lord.

It’s been an incredible first year of raising my first baby from a newborn to an almost one year old, but I know this was the easiest phase. It was all predictable. Now comes the hard part of shaping character, disciplining, being a godly example and loving unconditionally.

So here is to all you moms who have been faithful, committed, loving and purposeful day in and day out for many years. Here is to you moms who haven’t been recognized with an award for faithful service, or given the key to the city for raising great citizens. Here is to moms that survived years of not sleeping, and still are fully functioning humans! Here is to the moms that pour out God’s love onto their kids and lead them towards the love of Jesus.

You are amazing.

May you be so richly blessed today and always.

Thank you to my mom who has been an incredible blessing to me for twenty-three and a half years. I have such a deep appreciation and respect for the job she took on, and giving birth to four kids, after becoming a mom and giving birth! I love you!

I am so blessed to now have two moms, gaining an incredible mother in law in 2010! I love you too, I can’t imagine what life was like before I was in your family!

One of the best things of my life has been watching these two amazing moms become grandmas. Love just oozes from them, and I know my son in outrageously blessed by these godly women!


Happy Mother’s day to all you moms, may you feel strengthened, appreciated and blessed today!


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