A New Season

Our lives have been on a roller coaster since March 21, 2012. It’s funny how one moment in life can be such a pivotal one. That day our garage burnt down. I’m sure half of you are so sick of hearing about our fire, but just think of it as our turning point.

Being tested by fire is an interesting thing. There were only two items that we have saved from the fire. One is a toonie, and the other is an espresso cup. They have the marks of the fire on them, but they were made of material that was able to withstand it.

I feel that as we were tested by fire in the natural, so we were tested by the fire in the spiritual.

These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. (1 Peter 1:7a)

Questions surfaced in our hearts surrounding what we held most dear.

What is important?

What things in our life are we holding on to that we shouldn’t?

Are we truly living the life that God has given us to the fullest?

For us it was a culmination of the fire, taking the Married for Life course and the timing being right with Caleb getting a bit older that has released us into a new season.

The new season…

Starting in August my husband is taking three months off work and we are doing a full-time internship at our church under our Young Families Pastor.

Before the fire, we did not see how we would be able to provide for our family during a full-time internship, even though it was on our hearts. We were so blessed with the insurance money and God showed us that he has used this event to make a way for us to enter into a new season of ministry. We have always known that at some point we will move into full-time, vocational ministry.

We don’t know much of what this season holds. We’re very excited to learn, grow and get involved. God is just taking us by the hand and revealing step after step. He is holding his lamp to our path. He led us to the conference in California, then gave us new dreams and is now leading us to a season of deeper preparation.

As we continue to walk with Him, I know the next step with become clear.

The fire was a test, but the thing that has brought true breakthrough has been our commitment to pray together, and our commitment to pray for each other.

I have just finished going through the 30-day Power of a Praying Wife book, and I have seen God do amazing things in Andrew as I’ve prayed over the specific areas of his life.

If you feel like you aren’t walking in all that God has for you or that you aren’t making the most of this one precious life he has given you, He DESIRES to breathe new life into you.

I challenge you to go on a prayer journey, asking God to reveal his heart to you and to work on the deep areas of yourself. As he does this, he will be faithful to hold the lamp to your path and guide you. You won’t need to strive. You won’t have to stress. You’ll just have to take his hand and walk.

Psalm 119:105 says

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

The path that the Lord marks out is truly an adventure. There is no such thing as a boring life with Jesus!

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