Three D’s To Stress-Free Wedding Planning

On June 5, 2010 I married my best friend, and I can happily say that I walked down the aisle with very little stress! I’ve had many people ask me for advice regarding wedding planning, and I’ve decided to try to sum up what I believe are the things we did well, and maybe not so well to help you as your embark on this exciting journey towards marriage!

For many couples, planning a wedding can be the most stressful time of their relationship with hardly anytime to get to know each  other more. Instead of treasuring the short time of engagement, they combat unnecessary strife. Often the bride can let a monster jump out of her that they didn’t even know what inside of them, scaring her beloved groom and inciting the awful title of “BRIDEZILLA!”

But does that have to be?

Planning our wedding was one of the most exciting times for us and here are three D’s to why I think that was the case!


When we got engaged, I knew that I could become an over controlling bride who wanted everything my own way. I made a choice
in my heart and determined that the utmost priority was growing closer with my fiance and preparing for marriage. If something about the wedding got in the way of that priority, then it was cut.

Sound harsh? Well just stay with me. You can still have your dream wedding. When you determine this in your heart, that leads you to the next D.


Once you have determined that your relationship doesn’t need a ton of unnecessary stress, you will be at peace to release details of the wedding to other people.

Let’s be honest, you think you want to do everything on your own right now, but the week of the wedding you will be having a full-out panic, and probably a big fight with your groom-to-be if you take this project on alone.
Our family and friends were absolutely amazing with helping us put on our wedding. Once we sorted out the main details, we were able to pass on a lot of the pieces to people who loved us deeply and were excited about being a part of our wedding.
A great example was our decorations. I wanted our decorations to be absolutely perfect, and my husband has an aunt who is a gifted decorator. I hummed and hawed a little about whether to pass off the decorating plans to her or not. I wanted it perfect, but I also knew that for me the decorations would probably consume my life and create unnecessary stress that wouldn’t be helpful to this period. I followed through with my decision and passed it off to her. I shared my vision and colours, and she made everything perfectly amazing. The decorations are still on of the most favourite parts of my wedding!

D #3 – DECIDE (together)

I believe that bride often robs their fiance of the most wonderful experience for growing together as a couple when they lock out their groom from the wedding planning stage.

Some of you men reading this are probably shouting, no I don’t even wanted to deal with the wedding planning!

Well here is the truth: The bride NEEDS her man to help bring balance to the crazy amount of decisions that have to be made, and to call into perspective the stress that can get out of hand.

You both need to use this as a chance to learn how to make decisions together!

We determined to make the most out of our wedding planning stage and turned many things into date nights, whether it was shopping for ties, choosing our wedding cake and many other fun decision that we decided to make ourselves and not delegate. You can CHOOSE to make these decisions fun.

Looking back, we both say that doing our wedding together was the best decision we could have made!

Next time I will talk about making pre-marriage counseling a priority, and a couple other little tips that will make your day a success!

Remember: Your wedding will one day be just a memory, do everything you can to let it be one of peace, love and joy!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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