It’s funny how you can long for a season of your life to pass by for so long, only to realize later how quickly it went by. Tonight I went for a walk with my sister and cousin through my hometown. I spent so many hours in my high school or at my part-time jobs, worrying about pleasing people I never see anymore. In the moment it was such a big deal. Their approval meant so much.

I walked past my school and all that remained for me was memories.  I wished I would have been more open about my faith and more passionate about sharing my salvation story. Jesus had done so much for me, what was scaring me?

It’s too late to worry now.  All I can do is move forward.

Time is such a funny thing. One moment drags on and on and the next zooms by so quick you don’t have time to breathe. In reality though life keeps moving on at the same speed.

One day this stage of life will simply be a memory that I look fondly back on. I heard one older mom say that she had no idea how brief a period of time babies actually would be. All the things that worried and overwhelmed her are now just cares of the past. A past which holds some regrets and many joys.

I need to stay present. I need to remember to enjoy this whole stage. It will soon be over before I know it. I’ll drive by our current house and long to hold my babies again, remember our first five years of marriage and feel a flood of emotions from this time.

Don’t be drunk on the future, be engaged with the present.

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