Playground Possibilities

The opportunities that I have had to meet moms and talk to them about Jesus, becoming a mom, marriage and life in general has been overwhelming since I have had Caleb. My favourite place for possible connection is the playground. There are a lot of moms there for the same reason as me, trying to get a break from the overwhelming demands of home to be in a place where kids can be mostly self entertained.

This is a perfect place to seek some conversation. Today I met a wonderful woman who has been in Canada for two years from Russia. We had such an amazing conversation as she told me about her life as a mom of three with one on the way.

The kids played and we talked about the many differences between life in Russia and life in Canada. Although her english was good, it was a challenge to communicate, and I totally enjoyed working hard to explain words to her and using other methods of non verbal communication.

Across the language barrier, the unity of motherhood brought us together as we pulled rocks out of our toddlers mouths, laughed together at the differences in kids and comforted one another regarding the tough days.

She had a deep compassion in her eyes that impacted me. She said to me in her thick Russian accent, “in my country, if I don’t know you, we don’t talk. If someone came to me I’d think, what do they want? But you talk to me and I didn’t feel scared.”

We parted ways, waving and smiling, and I prayed for my new friend Gallina. I’m thankful that her three year old boy grabbed her one year old son and brought him to Caleb saying “another baby, another baby!”, which instantly brought the connection. I’m thankful that for once I didn’t shy away from an opportunity to talk to a mom for fear I was being intrusive or that my conversation was unwanted. I was blessed so much by our little playground discussion.

I hope to see this dear woman again at the park and to continue to build relationship with her. She has a lot she could teach me as a calm, patient, busy mom. And I can offer her friendship, something she says she does not have in this country.


I am absolutely loving this stage of life with Caleb and the freedom it brings to talk with so many. I would never have imagined that one little boy would be an entry point in to the hearts and lives of so many.


I hope this summer brings many playground possibilites to encourage others and offer them the hope that we have!


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