Winds of Change

If you have followed my blog since January, you’ll know that the Lord has been doing a lot in our family, with things really getting started when my husband and I took the Married for Life course. Many events took place then but the most life changing was our commitment to pray for one another daily. The months before January were us settling into our new role as parents, but God was starting to say that times were changing yet again.

For me personally the Lord has taken me on a journey with the Power of a praying wife and parent books. He began to lay scripture on my heart concerning his will for our lives. You can read about that here.

In that same previous post I talked about giving up the control of our lives to God and giving him permission to put things on Andrew’s heart that maybe weren’t what I thought we should be doing. I had my own thoughts on what our ministry together should look like.

As the Lord placed a call in Andrew’s heart, it scared me at first, but it didn’t take long for him to pour the same excitement and passion into me.

It is with bittersweet feelings that I inform my dear readers of where the Lord has directed us. As of August 15th, we will be moving to Moose Jaw to join the team at Hillcrest Apostolic Church as youth pastors.

I say bittersweet because I will deeply miss my current church family and the many friends that we have made over the years. The memories that we have made in Regina will always be deep within my heart. But it is wonderfully sweet since my lifelong dream has been to enter into full-time ministry with my husband, and God has so clearly directed us to this exciting new venture. The opportunities to minister to youth and their families and to be involved in Moose Jaw’s incredible youth centre are simply invaluable.

Andrew is done his carpentry job that he has done for years in two weeks, then we intern for a month, then move. It’s funny how when God’s timing is right, the wheels suddenly get turning. Three weeks ago we had NO IDEA how life would be changing.

Yours prayers for our family are deeply appreciated. We are filled with the two extremes of sheer excitement and uncertain nervousness. The number one prayer for this moment is that our house would sell quickly and for the price that God knows we need (not simply what we desire).

I look forward to sharing pieces of this journey with you.


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