The Cost of a Dream

Our quest for a house seems to have ended. Well, I realize I’ve said that before, but this time I actually think this one is going to work out. The house we are buying needs significant updates, but we’re excited about the project. This house has definite potential to be a beauty.

While at RONA today shopping for some new flooring, I decided to take a peak at the cabinets, since I am hoping to update our new kitchen eventually. The first kitchen I saw was absolutely gorgeous. I look at the price tag. This is what it said.

“This dream costs: $20,000”

I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I read the term “this dream”. Wow, if only all dreams simply came with a price tag we could work towards. 

I wandered around further. I came to a set of cabinets that weren’t nearly as beautiful, but they were definitely an improvement to the old ones.

“This dream costs: $1045.00”

Oh, that was an affordable dream.

How many people settle on a cheaper dream? How many people miss the Lord’s will for their lives by choosing a path that doesn’t cost them as much? They manage to get a look alike, knock off dream that doesn’t last. The rewards don’t pay out. The benefits end. The treasure is not eternal.

A little more patience, a little more discipline would have brought about the higher quality, more satisfying, reached dream.

I don’t want to look back and see a trail of shattered hopes, forgotten dreams and diluted passion. I want for my family and I to say, as Joshua did, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And whatever requests from the Lord come along with serving him, that we would have worked hard to see his will done on earth.

I love this quote from author, speaker and blogger Jon Acuff. My husband and I have referred to this quote often during this latest life transition.

You will work harder at something you love than something you like.
You will work harder than you have ever worked when you start chasing a dream.
You will hustle and grind and sweat and push and pull.
You will get up earlier and go to bed later. But that’s OK.
Joy is an incredible alarm clock. 

Lately I have felt like our dream of a life given fully to the Lord’s call costs a lot. And oh does it ever. No price tag can sum up the worth of a life.

Proverbs 20:23 says

Don’t trap yourself by making a rash promise to God and only later counting the cost.

There is definitely a cost. Once the Lord has spoken something into your heart, you will need to look at the sacrifice involved. Not to let fear enter, but to make sure that you are prepared to follow through.

But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it? (Luke 14:28)

For me tonight I spend one of my first evenings alone since getting married. I can count on one, maybe two hands how many times we’ve had individual plans after 6 p.m. There are going to be a lot more evenings by myself coming up. That is part of the cost of pursuing our dream.

Jesus isn’t asking us to put our marriage or family on the back burner, but part of the cost has been surrendering the arrangement of our lives. If we can’t spend all our evenings together, we have to find alternate times, since our dream and call from the Lord is also a strong marriage and family.

My dream to pursue writing through blogging and book writing has been simply simmering. At first our new schedule depressed me, but I am realizing that through God’s sovereign plan, he is also opening the doors for this dream to be put on full heat, as he gives me writing times in the evening.

May you have the strength and endurance you need to work towards the most extravagant dream God has given to you. Don’t settle on the cheaper, or the more economical. Go after the most beautifully adorned plan that the Lord has drawn up for you. I guarantee, you will have no regrets.

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