Hashtag Reality Checks

I’m kind of freaking out today. My stomach is one big ball of emotion. We move tomorrow morning. I just laid Caleb down for his last nap here in this house. Wow, I did not expect that flood of memories. In fourteen short months, he has filled this house with inexplicable joy. I will always remember bringing that boy home from the hospital, to this special house. I’m sure we will drive by for the rest of our lives and tell our kids that this was the first house mom and dad owned, and this was also where Caleb was brought home. Houses really do hold wonderful memories.

During one of my freak out moments the other day, I instagramed (as any social media indulgent would do at a time like that) this photo with the hashtag #panicmode.

After publishing my photo, I decided to click on the tag (for those of you who are completely lost, this is a way to view all other photos categorized by this name). Instantly I felt ridiculous.

First, I will say that I was surprised at the photos, since I don’t think I would be stopping to take pictures in some of these scenarios. The most dramatic one I saw was extreme flooding with cars and homes being swept away. I saw a terrified face watching the destruction.

Talk about perspective.

Oh hashtags, some times you bring a reality check.

Anyway, I’m not going to get too down on myself for my lack of understanding for actual world problems. Tomorrow morning when I’m stressing out, I’ll just thank the Lord that it’s not flooding!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you feel like you’re in a tough spot, hashtag your extreme adjective, and see what other people are going through! 🙂

‘Til after the move,

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