Preparing for Thanksgiving

All right everyone, it is just about Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! I am concerned about getting caught up in all the details of cooking for, and entertaining family and friends. I want to go into this weekend with my heart open to truly thanking the Lord for all of His goodness. This has been a phenomenal year.

I remember dreading the moment every Thanksgiving where we would have to go around the table and say one thing we were thankful for. For some reason it just felt so empty. I’d mumble out something about being thankful for family, and we’d move on.

As time has gone on my heart seems to overflow with the mercies God gives us – when I take the time to remember them!

So that is was this post is about. Here are ten things, I am extremely thankful for. Feel free to then share yours in the blog comment post below, on Facebook, on Twitter or in an email message. Let’s give God some glory for the awesome things in our life.

10 things I am incredibly, indescribably thankful for…

1. A husband who serves the Lord wholeheartedly, and loves us (his family) and takes care of us.

2. A healthy little boy who is full of fun, energy and endless excitement.

3. The ability to carry a second baby and have the Lord knit them together within me.

4. Being blessed with a second vehicle just when things were starting to get complicated.

5. An abundance of food. I never have to worry about my family going hungry.

6. A warm house.

7. Limitless resources for being a good mom, wife and lover of Jesus. Between the bible and the awesome books people are writing, we are richly blessed when it comes to being equipped for life!

8. Supportive and empowering church leadership. I have always felt free to be who God has called me to be in the various churches I have found myself in.

9. The gift of music. Whether it is silly songs with my son in the car, or moments of intimate worship at home, music is a wonderful gift.

10. A heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally. I may let him down, but he will always love me. My recent experiences have made me more thankful for this than ever before.

11. (yep, I’m adding one more on) An avenue of getting some creative energy out: I’m thankful for blogging and for people who take the time to read what I write!


Wow, I feel like I’m just getting started. I may have to share some more before Thanksgiving hits!

What are you thankful for?

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