The Least of These

In older times, a servant was considered to be a very low position. Duties of a servant may include cleaning, cooking, and doing all the jobs that no one else in the house wants to do. Not many people have servants anymore, perhaps it’s just a mom’s job now. Cooking, cleaning, missing events to take care of sick kids, or healthy kids depending on your situation. It can seem humbling. I have heard many mothers say that they feel like they have lost their lives. They have misplaced there identity. Somehow the majority of their time has been donated to an ungrateful child, who continues to make more mess, and sometimes it seems like, listens less and less with each day.

Is this a negative perception on parenthood? Perhaps. However, I was reading some of the words of Jesus today, and I was struck by the similarity in serving Jesus, as in serving our families.

Perhaps, mothers actually have been given a great gift to learn firsthand to lay down their lives for their families. Just maybe, we have been given an advantage over the rest of society, for a time. Could it be that feeling likes the “least of these” will actually lead us on a path to becoming a “great one” in the Kingdom of God?

And note this: Some who seem least important now will be the greatest then, and some who are the greatest now will be least important then. (Luke 13:30)

Do you ever feel like your role isn’t important? Or maybe you realize the importance of what you do, but you don’t feel that it holds the same significance as someone in full time ministry, or someone pursuing their career.

There are days that don’t feel glamorous, and it is a choice to continue “humbling” myself, when I want to run off and pursue my own desires.

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. (Luke 14:11)

It is in the valleys, the low places, the serving opportunities that we often learn the most about ourselves and our creator. It is in the moments of weakness that we cry out and Jesus touches us so we are never the same.

Jesus said that if we try to keep our life, we will lose it. And if we lose our life we will gain everything. Maybe us losing ourselves in motherhood, is a chance to practice giving up our own desires for Jesus. Then when we are released from our current duties, we will be willing to go wherever Jesus asks, and do whatever he says.

In the midst of holding on to a dream of vision that the Lord has given you for your life, embrace the chances we have to be molded and shaped now. We may just have been given a special gift to learn humility and servanthood in a way others can never understand. Don’t miss what the Lord wants to say TODAY, because you’re so focused on tomorrow.


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