I Can Be Your Friend

Life lessons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As kids we learn many wonderful principles in Sunday School classes, kids clubs, story books and even TV shows.

Lessons surrounding how to be a good friend, having a good attitude, sharing and other elementary things are ground into our head during those formative years.

Somewhere along the way between childhood and adulthood we can lose the value of some of these lessons. Cue parenting! The wonderful opportunity to relearn all of these marvelous lessons – if we choose to!

As my son and I were driving the other day and I was enduring the millionth play of Veggie Tale’s “Bob & Larry’s backyard party”, I was thinking how much I wished that Hillsong, Jesus Culture or Aaron Keyes could hold the attention of my young one as much as these ridiculous songs could.

I was on my way to one of my first moms groups at our new church, when “I Can Be Your Friend” came. This is the one song on this CD that I somewhat enjoy, so I turned it up and started singing along with Caleb.


“Have you ever seen a boy with funny clothes?
A girl with braces on her teeth or freckles on her nose?”

I started listening to lyrics on a deeper level for the first time that morning, and wow, was God ever trying to speak to my heart right there. As I was about to, somewhat nervously enter a new situation, to make new friends, and meet new moms, God was there reminding me not to judge appearances, first impressions or initial conversations.

“Yeah, we’re all pretty different, some are skinny, some are stout
But the inside is the part that we’re supposed to care about
Aye, that’s where we’ve got feelings that are very much the same
So, instead of weirdo, I think friend’s a better name”

In my rush to learning “grown up” life lessons, I had forgotten some of the basics. Since this is the best time for my son to be learning them, this is the best time for me to sign up for a “refresher course”. Opening my heart, mind and even ears to hear some of the “childlike” lessons that can be learned through his special books, music and TV.

Childlike faith is precious to God, and childlike love is precious to people. An open, abandoned, nonjudgmental love that can look at someone and say

“I can be your friend
If your hair is red or yellow
We can have lunch, I’ll share my jello”

Or maybe I’ll share my hazelnut coffee 🙂

Either way, if you’re different from me, that’s actually ok. I can be your friend.


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