There have been many good books come across my path over the last little while. The other night I sat down a wrote out a list in priority of what I felt like God wanted me to read. Well number one on my list ended up being the book “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst.


I am now on chapter three of this book and I’m having a hard time ever putting it down once I start reading. I have decided to go on this journey of becoming “reglued”, not by my own strength, but by the power of the Lord.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well the subtitle on her book is “making wise decisions in the midst of raw emotions”. Ok, if you just felt a pang in your heart, you probably need to read this to. (Watch the trailer above for more information).

When I bought the book, I went to read the title to my husband, but I couldn’t without choking up! I knew I needed some of her wisdom. I feel like so often I’m “doing well” and then something throws me for a loop, and I am suddenly a completely different person. I’ve cried out for consistency, patience, and many other things to stop me from becoming “unglued” in those moments.

In Chapter Two of Unglued, Lysa shares a story from Joshua when the commander of the Lord’s army confronts him. (You can read it here in Joshua 5). He asks the commander “are you for us, or for our enemies”, and the commander responds “neither.”. Lysa pulls out the point that actually the question should be “whose side are we on”? Are we for God or for our enemy?

My reactions during the day when I am getting stressed out, overwhelmed or triggered by negative emotions can play to a certain side. When the enemy is trying to get at me, do I let him? Do I play right into his little game? Or am I consciously aware of being on God’s side? Portraying a loving (not perfect) example to those around me, and showing God that I am committed to him regardless of circumstance.

It is a new way of thinking, that I am definitely wanting to embrace. It can be a simple as asking myself a question when I’m wanting to blow. “Monica, whose side are you on right now?”

I saw a tiny bit of progress is myself this morning.While packing up my son to get to our mom’s group, I realized I couldn’t find my favourite journal where I have been writing everything I’m learning in. I called my husband to see if he had seen it, and he didn’t help me out much. This is what I would have done last week: Got really angry inside, at myself for misplacing something I really needed, but then had it explode onto my husband in a “you probably put it somewhere!!!”, way. (Ugh, I hate having to confess what I can really be like).

But today, I just thanked him for his help, took a few deep breaths, chose to not let it throw me so  that I could still grow from the morning. I purposely decided to be on God’s side and not damage my husband right before he went into a meeting.

Progress can be slow when it comes to changing thought processes, but faithfulness to the new way always brings results.

Do you want to be apart of this “Unglued” journey? You can order your copy and share what God is showing you on my blog posts, Facebook Page, or Twitter (@myredpurplelife). If you don’t buy the book, still weigh in on the topic as I share bits and pieces!

Change is change, regardless of how long it takes!


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