Reading Some Baby Cards

photoI have a confession.

I never sent out baby shower thank-you’s after my son was born.

Well, I finally said it “out loud”. It’s haunted me for a year and a half. Our wedding thank-you’s were late, but they at least made it out. They succumbed to last place on my to do list during that face. In the midst of surviving, I somehow didn’t manage to do them.

So I said that to say this: I have a lot of guilt and embarrassment when I look through our cards that we received as I feel terrible that people weren’t given the opportunity to truly understand how thankful we were.

Today however, it was Caleb who pulled out the basket of cards. He was recovering from his first bout of the stomach flu, and I found in calmly sitting looking through each card. He handed them to me and had me read each one out loud to him.

It was amazing to read these cards and receive the words of encouragement and life that they spoke, again. Some held reminders to treasure the time since babies grow so fast. Some offered help or advice. Others sent prayers of strength and grace.

Looking back over these 18 months, it is incredible to see how much of blessing Caleb has been to us. One card I found in the basket worded his purpose so well.


And he is fulfilling his special purpose in our family too.

The cards were a great conversation starter with my son, as we looked at pictures of tiny hands, feet and people, and talked about how there would be another little baby coming to our family. He started to get excited as we looked through them, and then later spent a long time flipping through a photo pregnancy book, pointing at babies and pregnant moms!

One card made me laugh as I remembered the intensity of the first few weeks.


So to those who gave us wonderful gifts, and wrote beautiful notes, I give a thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words are still touching us today.

If there is any take away from this, I think it would be that it is a great investment to take time to write meaningful notes in Christmas, baby, wedding and birthday cards. The gift may be forgotten, but words will always be treasured.

“Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.”

Ephesians 4:29

I will never judge a new mom for not sending out a thank-you, but I do hope to be better at this with my next one!


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