Sending My Heart To Connecticut

I don’t have many words to say on this devastating day where so many children lost their lives in the Connecticut school shooting.

My husband phoned me in the middle of an exhausting time with my son. I had just told myself I didn’t think I’d make it through. He told me the news. In an instant all my troubles seemed like a grain of sand next to Mount Everest.

Our hearts are obviously broken, and the verse that I read today encouraged me to truly pray and feel for the victims, their families and the community.

“Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.” Hebrews 13:3b

Allow your heart to ache, let your prayers be heard, and may tears flow with the deepest of sincerity. The miles that separate us from the elementary school are irrelevant. Their prayers still reach heaven, and so will ours.

Lord Jesus, bring comfort, hope, strength and peace to each child who saw such horrific events today. Bring healing to their hearts and minds and allow them to recover from such trauma. Be with each family who lost a loved one. Pour your unfailing mercy and grace upon them. Restore their souls. And God, if anything good can from this evil, let it happen. In Jesus’ mighty name.


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