2012: What a year!

Wow, is the Christmas season really coming to a close? I suddenly realized I hadn’t written a post in over two weeks. Our family was definitely swept up by the busyness of the holidays. We spent lots of time with family, tried to rest a bit and accomplished some things that we hadn’t had the time to do.

Tonight marks my first new years eve alone as my husband is working at a youth event. It’s given me some time to reflect on this past year, and has it been a whirlwind!

2012 began with us living a pretty normal life. We were just finally settled into life with our son, and had left him overnight for the very first time. Andrew was doing well at work, moving up the ladder and enjoying learning new things. I was beginning to get some vision back since giving birth, and was preparing to launch a new group out of our church for first time moms.

We knew God had placed dreams in our heart, but we weren’t thinking much about the timing of it all that January. We had no idea how quickly everything was about to change. The Lord was working in our hearts like a volcano getting ready to explode. Rumblings underground were starting to be heard as He called us to take a marriage course that would radically change the path we were on.

That course was the first step in what would be a long, and still not completed journey that took us to California, BC, and eventually to live in a new city.

To sum it up: 2012 was filled with the blessing of hearing God’s voice.

The Lord put this verse on my heart as a prayer for my family at the very beginning of the year, and I can see how he answered this.

We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. Then the way you live will always honor and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better.

Colossians 1:9-10

I’m so thankful that he made his will clear to us, and my continued prayed is that we would live in a way that honours and pleases the Lord, while we produce good fruit.

Looking forward to 2013 fills me with much anticipation as I know that God is full of grace and surprises! Only he knows what kind of adventure it will hold, although I pray that it does not involve moving anytime soon!!happy-new-year-2013-hd-wallpaper-7

May 2013 be a year filled with blessings as you grow to know God better and better!


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