My Bossy Kid

Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.  ~ Author Unknown

On one particular day, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all of my toddlers demanding and pointing. I could not believe how bossy this kid was getting! (Definitely couldn’t be related to me – *sarcasm*)

His verbal skills have exploded over the last three weeks, so we’re making a little more progress. A couple of months ago, on this challenging day, his words weren’t as many. It felt like the whole day was one long “Moooommmmyyyy!!!!!” while pointing at an area that contained twenty things. The elimination process that followed was always lengthy.

My patience was certainly being tested. Over and over I told him to stop screaming, but he only got louder.

As I took him to his eighteen month check up, my doctor asked a bunch of questions about his development. One of the questions was “can he point at something and make it clear that he wants it?”

I laughed, and said yes he certainly can. My doctor then told me that was a really important milestone and that I needed to continue to encourage his independence and will.

The appointment ended with her saying he was right on track and moving along well.

Sometimes the most frustrating things are the ones that we need to happen the most. If Caleb wasn’t trying to communicate his desires, that would be a big concern.

I have looked back on this situation and used it to remind me to take a moment, breathe and realize that his language and communication are changing and growing. Instead of getting frustrated, I’ve tried to look at the developmental milestone that is being hit.

Yes, we need to teach manners and encourage politeness. But for my own sanity, I need to look at the positive.

Ephesians 4:2 is a wonderful verse to hold onto while raising little people.

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.

I am a woman full of faults, and I can certainly learn to make allowances for my own child who is simply navigating his way through toddlerhood!

As I said before, he is getting better at communicating, and helping himself to what he’s after! This was a photo I snapped of him proudly eating honey out of the container on the counter. He was thrilled with this accomplishment!

A toddler accomplishment

May you have perspective that increases your patience this day!


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