Where It All Started

where it all startedWhen I lay on my left side (the one they say is best in pregnancy) in bed and look up a little, I see two pictures. One is in a frame that is newly cracked from my son throwing something at it. Usually I see them vaguely, the times I stare at them the most being those that are dim.photo

They are two wedding pictures. One with my flowers and our rings. The other a surreal looking moment, that seems apart from pain, sadness or fear.

The nights that are the longest or the days that are the most frustrating, usually point me to these photos. They seems to speak of a time that knew no exhaustion, frustration our self doubt.

For a while they made me cry. How had things changed so quickly?

Our marriage was fine, but I was feeling the after shocks of a few big decisions and lot of different responsibility rumbling through our world.

Where was there time to be best friends, lovers, business partners, child-raisers AND Jesus followers?

One day I realized this was simply just where it all began. The beginning of a story that would be marked by challenges, tiredness, new life, fights, joy, frustration and much celebration. It all started from a place of love.

I have forgotten this at times. It was from a place of love for each other and love for the Lord that we offered our lives completely to Him.

It’s from a place of love that children come, and despite the difficulties in raising them, they then multiply our love.

It was from a place of love that we looked at our future with excitement and expectancy, knowing that there would be hard days, but we would make it through together. No matter what.

Some days may not be oozing with love, or time or affection. But that’s where it all started. Remembering that gives me strength to continue going on.



There will always be different seasons, I look to my friends and family to see examples of that. There will be mountain tops and valleys. But remembering why were are where are, and holding up vision for where we are headed, breathes new life into my view of our marriage.

It’s from a place of love that I can look confidently to the next step.

We aren’t completing a “life to-do list”, we are walking out our life together.

If life and love have changed rapidly for you, take a moment to remember where you came from. May fresh love fill your heart as you renew yourself to walking out life together.



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