Accepting $1.00

I love finding the opportunity to bless or help someone. It is so exciting to be able to be God’s hands and feet at work.

I find it hard to be the one receiving the blessing, if it makes me feel needy or humiliated. I’m not talking about when God comes through in some big way and all of a sudden your mission’s trip is paid for, or something awesome like that. I mean more the small everyday things where I can get embarrassed.

Yes, there is a personal story tied to this.

Our family was out running some errands the other day and time was ticking away faster than I realized. Suddenly pregnant mommy and toddler were starving. The golden arches of McDonald’s shone within Wal-Mart, guiding us towards the days quick hunger fix.

We have been experimenting with a budget plan for close to a year now, trying to implement some of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. My wallet was filled with extra change and I thought this would be a good time to use it up, not pulling out a card to spend from a non allotted area.

The lady at the till rung up my order, and I count out my change realizing I’m almost exactly one dollar short.


My husband offers me a gift card to use up.

The lady at the til doesn’t know how to use this gift card and is visibly annoyed that I’m trying to put one dollar on another card.

So I pull out my debit.

She loudly announces we’ll have to cancel the whole thing and start over.

The hungry line up groans. Today I get to be “one of those” people.

A kind lady, who also had a crew of hungry kids steps in. “How short are ya, hun?”

I swallowed hard. “About a dollar.”

She hands me the dollar as my cheeks flush red. I manage to squeeze out a thanks, I appreciate it, and we all move on with our day.

Sitting down to our meal, I look at the bill and realize that it had been rung in wrong and I was over charged close to three dollars. I felt humiliated and angry. That whole experience had been unnecessary.

I tried to remind myself it was just a dollar and it wasn’t like she had just donated a large part of her grocery budget to feed my family.

Giving is a wonderful avenue to bless others. My reaction to receiving a gift, challenged me in whether I allow my own ego to enter in to the gift I give. Do I truly give as from the Lord? If I can’t receive a blessing, how can I give a blessing, deeply from the heart?


The unexpected blessings that we receive are from above. I was in the wrong to be embarrassed rather than show gratitude to God. Blessings we can bestow to others, come also come from above, when we don’t rob God of his glory in it!


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