Beautifully Tempted

Since my arrival to Pinterest, I have never seen so many enticing photos of perfectly in shape bodies telling me that I only need two weeks to get these abs, or this butt, or those legs.

Being pregnant always makes me extremely unsatisfied with my clothes. I walk through stores and it looks like this year happens to hold the clothes I love the most, that are least flattering to a baby bump.

New make up promises a “flaw-less” finish to my face. I am immediately enticed, yet always seem to look in the mirror and see the same flawed face staring back at me.

When my emotions run wild and I’m discontent, the first thing I want to do is buy something. Anything. A Starbucks, a new purse, new make up, NEW anything.

I’m not meaning to be hard on myself, in fact I know that this is deeply engrained within our female nature. I’d bet almost anything that you have felt the same way too.

This starts back with the very first woman to walk the earth. Eve. When she was in a moment of weakness and the forbidden fruit was presented to her in the garden, notice in this verse what she saw.

The woman was convinced. She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her.

Genesis 3:6a

Oh it’s so beautiful, it looks so good, it seems delicious! This will definitely improve me! I’ll be wiser, smarter, more desirable and maybe even more lovable.

So she ate the fruit, and consumed all of the lies, death and destruction that it held. Instead of it solving her problems, she experienced insecurity should could have never imagined. 1977395252

What does this tell us about ourselves at women? We are drawn to the beautiful, delicious and appealing. We want to improve ourselves; to look better, be wiser and ultimately gain more acceptance from ourselves, our spouse, even God.

This in itself isn’t wrong. But we can so quickly get sucked into all the consumerist ways of our world if we don’t step back and evaluate our deeper needs in the moment.

I still want to buy new things and definitely hope to improve myself as a person over the years. But this realization has helped me to recognize when I’m being drawn towards something simply because it’s appealing to my desire to fix my insecurities.

The chances of the latest “pin” truly holding the secret to the best abs in 5 days, is pretty unlikely. She may look beautiful and the results seem great, and we may really want to know the wisdom the article is offering. However, slow and steady is usually how results come. Hard work. Things that build character in ourselves, as well as muscle.

Don’t let the enemy hold up the new, beautiful and delicious and measure you against that! You’re confidence comes from the Lord, he will perfect you! These things won’t satisfy and will leave you craving more!




2 thoughts on “Beautifully Tempted

  1. So true! I am not a shopper, but my temptation is to get the latest self help book, or research my newest flaw in depth. I’m so grateful for grace!

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