A New Normal

With my husband’s work schedule, our typical Friday’s are a morning “off” together as a family, then he goes to work, comes home for supper and has youth til late into the evening.

The first few weeks I dreaded being alone on Friday evenings, and had a really hard time wrapping my mind around the evenings I would be alone, or the weirdness of having random mornings off together. How would I ever really find a routine?

Well today happened so naturally, I found myself excited for Andrew to come home for supper, for me to put Caleb to bed, and settle in for an evening of doing my own thing. No deep heartache over being by myself. Just good memories from a morning together, and excitement for some alone time.

Some of us are slower adjusting to change than others. This realization today encouraged me that we DO adjust to new circumstances and we can become comfortable in a new normal.

I think back to first having Caleb and wondering whether life would ever feel “normal” even though so much changed. And of course it did. And it will with the next one too.

Your New Normal

I love this quote, but especially this picture because I was a gymnast for eleven years and then a coach for five years. Physically pushing myself to do a new skill was a lot of work, and it often didn’t feel normal for my body, or my mind.

I remember learning to do a front handspring over the vault with a springboard instead of a mini-trampoline. It felt weird to my body, and my mind was completely freaked out. The mini-tramp gave me a lot of momentum, and I basically flew over the vault no problem. The springboard need me to use a lot more of my own power, something I wasn’t sure I had in me. (watch the video below for an example of the front handspring with springboard)



There were many times I stood at the end of the runway visualizing myself hitting that springboard with all my might, attacking it and flying over the vault. Very soon, this skill became normal and I was able to move on to more complex moves.

Living a life where we are never having to master or attain something new, is really boring. As human beings we are created to grow, change and develop. Each new thing that eventually becomes normal, conditions us for handling whatever comes our way in life.

As you look towards the overwhelming that is to be your “normal”, envision yourself living it successfully and remind the Lord of his promises of strength and peace as you follow him.

“The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.”

Psalm 29:11




One thought on “A New Normal

  1. So true Monica, Learning new skills and facing change can be a scary thing, and it’s so tempting to stubbornly hold on to the comfortable old ways. But “new” doesn’t necessarily mean bad, in fact it more often means better. It’s just convincing our hearts of that, and finding the courage to keep pushing ourselves in the new until it becomes our normal. This hits right where I am today, thank you.

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