Just A Moment

We don’t always have a lot of time. Life can suck our passion and fervour for the Lord right out of us.

It seems that in one moment of trouble, we can be tempted to throw away our trust in God, when he has proved himself so faithful.

I was listening to the song “Here With Me” by MercyMe, and in a moment I felt the Holy Spirit enter my house in power. The words hit me so strong.

“I long for you embrace, every single day.”longforembrace

The reality of my need to feel the love of my Heavenly Father every single day was suddenly so strong. My strength literally is taken from my body if I am not having moments of intimate worship with Him.

That’s the key word. Moments.

I know as moms the day can fly by and between a dried, squished banana that is laying abandoned on the floor, the toilet that somehow needs to be scrubbed again, and the mountain of laundry that is never, ever going to disappear, worship can seem impossible.

But this is what I’m learning:


Sometimes I may feel like I’m sacrificing my precious alone time by choosing to read my bible, pray or worship Him, for a moment. But this is where we receive our happiness, joy and the guiding light of his presence.

Can you take just a moment? Listen to this song and invite the Holy Spirit to fill your house. You can do this with your kids. My 20 month old can get lost in worship with his hands raised to God. They learn so much from watching us worship without being insecure.

These moments with the Lord can become key parts to your daily routine.


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