His World

urlThere is a little song that my son sings while he plays by himself. Almost every single time he is content in his alone play, he is quietly or loudly singing “Mommy, daddy, daddy and mommy. Mommy and daddy, daddy mommy”.

This arrangement of our names is recited to a cute little tune as he stacks blocks, builds with duplo, races cars around and pulls stuffed animals in a wagon.

There is safety in us.

We are his world. photo

This is obviously just for a time, but I felt like my eyes were opened to how important my marriage is to my children. Caleb is simply at the age where he will let his infatuation and adoration for us be known.

There will come a day when he no longer sings about us everyday, but his life would not be the same if the security of his mom and dad loving each other fell apart.

While Caleb isn’t always a fan of us leaving him with a babysitter or a family member, we need to make our relationship a priority, not simply for ourselves, but for the security of his heart.

Our church has just finished a three-week series on marriage, and was it ever powerful. Each week I sat there nearly weeping at the end over the stories, insight and wisdom that was shared. We felt challenged and strengthened at the same time.

A statistic that was shared during these marriage messages was shocking. A study done by an affiliate of the Married For Life Course, (a program I’ve talked about before that my husband and I took) found that when couples prayed together, their chance of divorce went from 1 in 3, to 1 in 1,142.

That is simply unbelievable!

Learning to pray together has been truly that – a learning experience. There haven’t been many days that we’ve missed throughout our marriage so far, and the ones that have been missed usually stem back to me being angry about something and not being able to look past it that day.

When my stubborn heart gets in the way of us praying together, I hope I remember this statistic, but also that I hear that little song in my head.

“Mommy, daddy, daddy and mommy. Mommy and daddy, daddy mommy”.

The strength of our marriage is vital to the security of my baby’s world.


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