Baby, baby, baby. That’s about all that is on my brain these days. With six weeks to go til our due date, I feel like I have so much to do to get the freezer and pantry stocked, clothes cleaned and organized, and all the other last-minute things that need to be done.

As much as the countdown feels like it’s on, my chiropractor reminded me that this may also feel like the slowest point of pregnancy. She asks me every week if I’m doing too much considering the messages my body is trying to send me.

When meeting with our doula the other evening, she said that when labour starts to come on, it’s going to be important to simply surrender to what my body needs to do. It’s not about stopping the pain or fighting it. The only thing to do is to embrace it, and ease it.

This really started me thinking about surrendering to these last weeks. As much as I want them to go quickly, this is the only time I am going to be pregnant with this little person. Once she is out, she is out. Her fingers won’t poke my pelvis, or her toes rub along my ribs.

As I think of surrendering to my body, I’ve been asking myself what’s the most important things are.


Time with my family.


Spiritual readiness for this next chapter of life.


As much as my nesting hormones urge me to exhaust myself cooking enough food for the next few months, that’s not of the utmost importance in my mind.

I don’t think I have found it easy to surrender throughout my life. I fight for control and am a slow learner to relinquish my desires to God. But this has been a good picture of what surrender might look like.surrender

A painful test, or a difficult trial could be coming toward us. We can brace ourselves for the impact and end up with some jarred bones and aching muscles. Or we can try to relax and take the situation as it comes and embrace the challenge as a chance to grow us a person.

So much easier said that done. However, if the reward of making it through is even half as joyful as the feeling of holding your new baby at the end of labour…it will be well worth it.


One thought on “Surrender

  1. I was told to rest ALOT. But resting is boring when there seems so much to do. Just make sure everything is spotless the next few weeks… We weren’t so spotless and got bombarded with presents that we had no space to put anywhere! Tripping over things… I’m only just beginning to get on top of things due to the recovering stage and my second daughter is 4weeks old now.

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