A Year Ago

All week God has been speaking to me about faithfulness. It seemed to be a reoccurring theme. This morning I received a text from a friend with this verse.

The Lord is righteous in all his ways
    and faithful in all he does.

Psalm 145:17

Later, I was driving when I suddenly remembered it was a year ago this week that we had our garage burned down by an arsonist and we thought we would lose our home.

I had no idea what a life changing day that would be for us. We reevaluated a lot of our priorities as we watched the flames soar. The meaning of life became more wrapped up in Jesus Christ and our family than ever before. God already had us on a journey, but this seemed to be a crossroad moment.

The path that the fire took us down is one I am forever grateful for. But I’m even more grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness. He protected us and used a situation that seemed for bad and used it for good. He blessed us in so many ways through it and taught us not to hold on to our stuff too tightly.

Sitting tonight in a different house, in a different city, with a new life inside me reeking havoc on my body, I am reminded that I will not ever be consumed. Whether pain, fire or death, nothing can come between me and the fresh mercy of my faithful God.

Lamentation 3:21-23

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