It’s a Happy Day!

My little man has been extremely entertaining lately. All of the things he is learning to say really keeps things interesting.

I have had a couple scares with his language however. After getting really frustrated at myself for burning something, I said “SHOOT”, quite loudly. All of a sudden I hear Caleb walking around copying “oh, shoot!”…only his didn’t sound quite like “shoot”, but more like the other more inappropriate word!

The second happened as he asked me for a fork to eat his food. I was horrified for a moment as I thought he said the f-word to me! Quickly I recovered, realizing he wouldn’t have heard that before and he was simply missing the “R” sound in his word! It's A Happy Day!

As for more positive communication, he has been remembering phrases from songs while enjoying singing and dancing. His favourite one to recite right now is Jesus Culture’s Happy Day.

It’s quite hilarious because the phrase has entered into all parts of our life. When we pulled up to mom’s group today he clapped while yelling out:

“Yay the church! It’s a happy day!”

And then today while giving my belly its daily kiss he said:

“Hi baby, it’s a happy day.”

So sweet.

Anyway, it is a happy day. God is good and if you haven’t heard the song before take a listen. There is so much to be thankful for in life. I know when I actually stop to think about God’s blessings I’m truly overwhelmed. He is so faithful.


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